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Q21. In a Cross-vCenter environment where is information about local logical switches and local logical routers maintained?

A. Platform Services Controller

B. Local transport /one

C. Local Controller Cluster

D. Universal Controller Cluster

Answer: D

Q22. Which is a prerequisite for deploying an Edge Service Gateway?

A. Firewall Default Policy

B. An interface

C. Default Gateway

D. High Availability

Answer: B



Q23. Which type of VPN should be configured to ensure application mobility data centers?

A. Application VPN




Answer: B


Reference 23)

Q24. Which two options are correct regarding vSphere Distributed Switches? (Choose two )

A. A single vDS can span multiple vCenter Servers

B. A single host can be attached to multiple vDS

C. A single vDS can span multiple hosts across multiple clusters

D. A vDS is automatically created when a new 802.1Q trunk is configured

Answer: A,B

Q25. When specifying a source for a security rule, what is the purpose of the Negates Source check box?

A. IfNegate Sourceis selected, the rule is sent to only the objects identified under object type.

B. IfNegate Sourceis selected, the rule is applied to traffic coming from all sources except for the source identified under the object type.

C. IfNegate Sourceis not selected, the rule is applied to traffic comingfrom all sources except for the source identified under the object type.

D. ifNegate Sourceis not selected, the rule is sent to only the objects identified under the object type.

Answer: B

Reference: 9187-778BDDAD1C65.html

Q26. The fact that NSX Data Security has visibility into sensitive data provides which two benefits? (Choose two )

A. It helps address compliance and risk management requirements.

B. It acts as a forensic tool to analyze TCP and UDP connections between virtual machines

C. It is able to trace packets between a source and destination without requiring access to the guest OS

D. It eliminates the typical agent footprint that exists with legacy software agents

Answer: A,B

Q27. Which details can an administrator verify from the Summary tab of the VMware NSX Manager? (Choose three)

A. Current time

B. Average MTBF

C. Version

D. Storage utilization

E. Health Score

Answer: A,C,E

Q28. Which two methods does VMware NSX offer to integrate with third-party partners? (Choose two )

A. Integration Manager

B. Service Chaining


D. Universal Synchronization Service

Answer: A,C

Explanation: 2F19B4AE327D.html#GUID-EA477D96-E2D3-488B-90AA-2F19B4AE327D

Q29. An NSX environment requires physical NIC redundancy for all dvPortGroups when connecting hosts to the physical network. There are two 10Gb NIC's per host.

Which two teaming methods should be used to ensure both links are utilized simultaneously? (Choose two )

A. Virtual Port Channel

B. LACP Port-Channel

C. Static Port-Channel

D. Explicit Failover Order

Answer: A,B

Q30. An organization has PCI compliant application deployed as part of a larger NSX environment. Every year a team of contractors evaluates the security of the environment and recommends changes.

What NSX Role and Scope should the contractors be given to minimize access but still allow them to fulfill the staled requirement?

A. Security Administrator, No restrictions

B. Auditor. Limit access scope

C. NSX Administrator, Limit access scope

D. Enterprise Administrator, Limit access scope

Answer: B

Explanation: d_Reference_Architecture_for_PCI_v3.0_June_2014b1844892b9e7e4c6aa280f5fd9df5a0f. pdf

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