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Q61. An administrator in a large organization needs to delegate authority to manage a group of desktops to another administrator at a remote site. The desktops have been placed in a folder in View Administrator so that a user can be assigned to manage those desktops only.

The remote site administrator must be able to:

✑ Perform all desktop, session, and pool-related operations

✑ Manage persistent disks

✑ Resync, Refresh, and Rebalance linked-clone pools and change the default pool image

What is the most restrictive predefined role that can be assigned to meet these requirements?

A. Administrators

B. Agent Registration Administrators

C. Global Configuration and Policy Administrators

D. Inventory Administrators

Answer: D

Q62. An organization has deployed View to the majority of its workforce. The organization also uses blade PCs for some users who need RDP access to high-powered workstations. The administrator needs to manage access to both environments through View.

Which configuration steps should the administrator complete to enable access through View?

A. Install the View Agent in each system and create a terminal services pool using the physical PCs as desktop sources.

B. Install the View Agent in each system and create a manual pool using the physical PCs as desktop sources.

C. Create a manual pool and enter the IP address of each physical desktop source.

D. Create a terminal services pool and enter the IP address of each physical desktop source.

Answer: B

Q63. An administrator creates a new Application pool for Chrome on a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 pool. Users report that they cannot browse the Internet.

What must the administrator do to enable Internet access for Chrome?

A. Use vmxnet3 virtual device driver.

B. Edit the parameters for Chrome to use --allow-no-sandbox-job.

C. Use e1000e virtual device driver.

D. Edit the parameters for Chrome to use --safe-browse-network.

Answer: B

Q64. An administrator is deploying a pool of virtual desktops and receives the following message when testing a desktop connectionfrom a View Client machine:

The Desktop Currently Has No Desktop Sources Available. The administrator has confirmed that:

✑ The desktops are built and are visible in the View Administrator console.

✑ The desktops display a Agent Unreachable status in the View Administrator.

After logging in to the vCenter Server, what should the administrator ensure to troubleshoot the issue?

A. The virtual desktops are powered on.

B. There are no Memory reservations.

C. There are no CPU reservations.

D. The View Composer service is running.

Answer: A

Q65. A View environment includes a View Connection Server and View Security Server.

The View Connection Server has the following configuration:

✑ DNSName: view.company.com

✑ IP Address:

The View Security Server has the following configuration:

✑   DNSName:security.company.com

✑ IP Address:

An administrator needs to set up View to allow external access for users via PCoIP.

Which option represents the format in which information must be entered into the PCoIP External URL field in View Administrator?

A. https://security.company.com:443



D. security.company.com:4172

Answer: C

Q66. An administrator is planning the capture of a reference machine for two departments: Finance and Information Technology.

Which two applications should the administrator include in the common base layer? (Choose two.)

A. Finance Accounting Application

B. Anti-Virus software

C. Admin Script Editor

D. VPN Software

Answer: B,D