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2021 Mar 2V0-651 test questions

Q31. An administrator has built a Centralized Virtual Desktop (CVD) using the Mirage default CVD policy, but finds that on all users' machines are not centralized correctly.

Which changes should the administrator make to include the additional volume?

A. Create a new Upload policy that includes in backup and restore.

B. Add a Protected Volume in the Upload policy.

C. Modify the CVD to include all system drives.

D. Add %ANYVOLUME% to the User Area of the Upload policy.

Answer: B

Q32. An administrator creates a new Application pool for Chrome on a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 pool. Users report that they cannot browse the Internet.

What must the administrator do to enable Internet access for Chrome?

A. Use vmxnet3 virtual device driver.

B. Edit the parameters for Chrome to use --allow-no-sandbox-job.

C. Use e1000e virtual device driver.

D. Edit the parameters for Chrome to use --safe-browse-network.

Answer: B

Q33. An administrator needs to configure a user for View Composer to add computers to the domain. Company policy restricts the administrator account from being used.

Which three non-default permissions must be added to the account to accomplish this? (Choose three.)

A. Delete Computer Objects

B. Create Computer Objects

C. List Contents

D. Write All Properties

E. Read Permissions

Answer: A,B,D

Q34. An administrator needs to create a full clone desktop pool and reduce storage costs by using the SEsparse disk feature. However, this option is not displayed in the Add Pool wizard.

What is the likely reason that the administrator is prevented from enabling this option?

A. SEsparse disks can be used only with linked-clone desktop pools.

B. SEsparse disks are not supported with NFS storage.

C. SEsparse disks are not supported by the storage vendor.

D. SEsparse disks must be configured using PowerCLI.

Answer: A

Q35. Which virtual disk type should an administrator use to reclaim unused space in a Linked Clone?

A. Thin Provisioned Disk

B. SE Sparse Disk

C. Monolithic Sparse Disk

D. Flat Disk

Answer: B

Most up-to-date 2V0-651 practice:

Q36. An administrator is creating a View full clone desktop pool and needs to enable the 3D Rendering feature. However, the option to select the 3D Renderer is unavailable.

What should the administrator do to enable this feature to be selected?

A. Set the default display protocol to RDP.

B. Install the latest View Feature Pack.

C. Enable the 3D Rendering option on the ESXi hosts.

D. Set Allow users to choose protocol to No.

Answer: D

Q37. A recompose operation on a linked-clone pool has failed. An error on the pool indicates the Computer Account in Active Directory is missing, but a search for the account in Active Directory verifies that it is present.

What condition would cause this error in View?

A. The Computer Account has been moved out of the Organizational Unit in which it was created.

B. The Quickprep domain user account has been moved to a different Organizational Unit.

C. A new GPO has been applied to the Computer Account.

D. The Quickprep domain user account does not have the Administrator role in View Administrator.

Answer: A

Q38. An administrator is configuring Kiosk mode in View. The administrator completes the following tasks:

✑ Verifies that clients on the Windows machines that are being used can connect with a normal username and password.

✑ Creates accounts with appropriate Active Directory attributes for the machines that will operate as kiosks.

When the clients are tested, they do not automatically log in after connecting to the Connection Server.

What is causing this issue?

A. The Kiosk mode user account was not added to the Connection Server to which the client is connecting.

B. The Connection Server to which the client is connecting has not been enabled for Kiosk mode clients.

C. The Kiosk mode user account was created in the wrong Organizational Unit.

D. The View Client machine has not been enabled for Kiosk mode using the client registry settings.

Answer: B

Q39. An administrator identifies PCoIP packet fragmentation on the network. The following items have been discovered:

✑ Network Path Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is 1200

✑ PCoIP Traffic has Quality of Service (QoS)

What should the administrator do?

A. Set router buffers to tail drop.

B. Set router buffers to Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED).

C. Set PCoIP MTU to 1500

D. Set PCoIP MTU to 1100

Answer: D

Q40. An administrator is planning a Floating Linked-Clone desktop pool using local solid state drives. A stateless configuration is suitable for this group of users.

Local solid state drive capacity is limited. The administrator plans to use the storagetiringcapabilities of View Composer to place the Linked-Clones on shared storage and place only the Replica on local disk.

Why will the administrator be prevented from using this configuration?

A. Storagetiringis supported only when using Full Clone desktops.

B. Replica and Linked-Clone disks must reside on the same datastore when using local disks.

C. Replica disks must always reside on shared storage for Linked-Clone pools.

D. Storagetiringis supported only for Dedicated Assignment Linked-Clone desktops.

Answer: B