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Q11. When creating an XaaS blueprint that includes the workflow to create a custom vSphere virtual machine, which field does an administrator add to present descriptive text to the consumer of the resource?

A. TheInteger fieldelement from theNew fieldslist

B. TheText fieldelement from theNew fields list

C. TheTextelement from theFormlist

D. TheLabel headerelement fromtheFormlist

Answer: B

Q12. What is requirement for successfully using a reservation policy in a blueprint when provisioning machines?

A. The reservation policy is assigned to the blueprint author.

B. The reservation policy is assigned to a reservation.

C. The reservation policy is assigned to a fabric group.

D. The reservation policy is assigned tothe tenant.

Answer: B

Q13. What is required before an XaaS blueprint can provision a vSphere virtual machine?

A. A vRealizeAutomation endpoint for vSphere

B. A vRealize Automation Plug-In for vRealize Orchestrator

C. A vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for vCenter Server as an endpoint

D. A vRealize Orchestrator reservation for vSphere

Answer: D

Q14. Which are two accepted uses for vRealize Orchestrator workflows? (Choose two.)

A. Add a vRealize Automation Azure Endpoint.

B. Automate vRealize Automation using REST

C. Day 2 Operations in vRealize Automation

D. Automate vRealize Automation using RabbitMQ

Answer: A,B

Q15. What is the maximum number of layers an administrator should have when creating a nested blueprint?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Answer: C

Q16. Which vRealize Automation role has permissions to create Custom Groups?

A. Fabric Administrator

B. Business Group Manager

C. Tenant Administrator

D. Catalog Administrator

Answer: C

Q17. A fabric administrator has assigned three resource reservations to the same business group where two reservations belong to the same reservation policy.

How does this configuration impact the environment?

A. Business group managers can only add items to the catalog that are assigned to the

reservation policy.

B. Users will be able to choose the reservation policy when requesting to provision a machine.

C. Fabric administrators can use the reservation policy to restrict the resources used by the business group.

D. Blueprint authors can use the reservation policy to restrict the provisioning of machines to a subset of resources.

Answer: D

Q18. Which two options are supported for the laaS database in a minimal deployment of vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft SQLServer installed on the IaaS server

B. Microsoft SQL Server installed on an external server

C. PostgreSQL Server installed on an external server

D. PostgreSQL Server installed on an IaaS server

Answer: A,C

Q19. Where are vRealize Automation property dictionary items defined?

A. TheCustom Propertytab

B. TheDesigntab

C. TheInfrastructuretab

D. TheAdministrationtab

Answer: C

Q20. A user's computer is hardwired to the company network.

Which authentication method must an administrator use in accordance with the vRealize Automation Access Policy?


A. A secureID code

B. A password

C. The Adaptive Authentication answers

D. Acertificate must be on the computer

Answer: D