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2021 Aug 300-070 ciptv1:

Q1. Which mechanism is often configured on the edges of a network to control the maximum rate of traffic that is sent or received on an interface and to classify the traffic into priority levels or class of service? 

A. routing 

B. shaping 

C. policing 

D. access control 

E. traffic regulation 

Answer: C 

Q2. Which of these methods can be used to implement toll-fraud prevention? 

A. drop conferences when only two attendees remain 

B. block on-net to on-net calls 

C. deploy conferencing resources to only those employees that require the service 

D. drop conferences when no on-net party remains 

Answer: D 

Q3. Which QoS model is bandwidth-dedicated to provide sufficient quality for applications that need highresolution, such as video terminals? 

A. Best-Effort 

B. IntServ 

C. DiffServ 

D. DiffServf 

Answer: C 

Q4. Which dial plan function is used to restrict calls that are made by a lobby phone to internal extensionsonly? 

A. Path selection. 

B. Endpoint addressing. 

C. Manipulation of dialed destination. 

D. Calling privileges. 

Answer: D 

Q5. Which three CLI commands allow you to verify the correct VoIP dial-peer matching? (Choose three.) 

A. debug ccsip messages 

B. debug voip ccapi inout 

C. debug dialpeer match 

D. debug voip dialpeer inout 

E. show dialplan number 

Answer: B,D,E 

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Renew 300-070 vce:

Q6. What is the maximum number of I080p30 HD Conference Participants if an MSE 8000 has four MSE8710 blades clustered? 

A. 48 

B. 180 

C. 720 

D. 800 

Answer: A 

Q7. You are performing route pattern configuration. You need to ensure that internal extensions are automatically expanded to full external phone numbers for calling line information on outgoing calls. What should you use? 

A. calling extension expansion 

B. called number expansion 

C. external number mask of the called party 

D. external phone number mask of the calling party 

Answer: D 

Q8. Which three commands show the output of an active video call? (Choose three.) 

A. show vrm active_calls 

B. show call active video brief 

C. show voip rtp connections 

D. show voice call 

E. show voice call summary 

F. show video dsp 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q9. What is the maximum number of 1080p30 HD Conference Participants if an MSE 8000 has fourMSE8710 blades clustered? 

A. 48. 

B. 180 

C. 720 

D. 800 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Reference: 

Page 389 


Q10. Which three characteristics of a video stream require the implementation of QoS? (Choose three.) 

A. variable packet rate 

B. constant bandwidth 

C. small packets 

D. high MTU 

E. high packet rate 

Answer: A,D,E