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2021 Mar 300-070 test preparation

Q71. Which two options can a route pattern be assigned? (Choose two) 

A. A gateway that is assigned to a route group. 

B. A route list with one or more route groups configured. 

C. A gateway that is not assigned to a route group. 

D. A route list with no route groups configured. 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: Reference: 

Page 187 


Q72. Which DiffServ PHB classification is recommended by Cisco for interactive video traffic? 

A. AF31 

B. CS3 

C. EF 

D. AF41 

E. CS4 


Q73. What are two characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express dial plan? (Choose two.) 

A. partitions and calling search spaces 


C. dial peers 

D. voice translation rules 

E. route patterns 

Answer: B,C 

Q74. Which groups will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers that are set to use the <None> partition? 

A. Only users that have the <None> partition assigned in their calling search space will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers. 

B. All users will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers. 

C. The <None> partition will prevent all users from accessing the Meet-Me conference numbers. 

D. Any IP phones with their lines configured in the <None> partition will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers. 


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Q75. On what equipment do you configure Layer 2 to Layer 3 QoS mapping? 

A. switch 

B. router 

C. firewall 

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

E. bridge 


Q76. Which four modes are available on the Cisco TelePresence MCU MSE 8510 to connect to a gatekeeper? (Choose four.) 

A. direct mode 

B. H.225-routed mode 

C. H.265-routed mode 

D. H.245-routed mode 

E. full proxy mode 

F. partial proxy mode 

Answer: A,B,D,E 

Q77. When implementing a global dial plan, which digit manipulation feature in CUCM does Ciscorecommend for adding +1 to all outbound calls? 

A. Called party transformation. 

B. Calling party transformation. 

C. Translation pattern. 

D. External phone mask. 


Q78. Refer to the exhibit. 

ABC Company uses the digit 9 to get a dial tone and type a DN. A user needs totype 8811202 and automatically send the call to a cellphone. The Network Administrator did thisconfiguration, but it is not working. 

Which two actions can the Administrator take to solve thisproblem? (Choose two) 

A. In the Translation Pattern option, delete the digit "8". 

B. In the Translation Pattern option, delete the digit "9". 

C. In the Route Option option, select Block this Pattern. 

D. In the Called Party Transform Mask option, prefix the digit "9". 

Answer: B,D