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2021 Sep 300-075 exam dump:

Q81. When implementing a dial plan for multisite deployments, what must be present for SRST to work successfully? 

A. dial peers that address all sites in the multisite cluster 

B. translation patterns that apply to the local PSTN for each gateway 

C. incoming and outgoing COR lists 

D. configuration of the gateway as an MGCP gateway 

Answer: B 

Q82. What user profile is used to define the settings for a user on login? 

A. Device Profile 

B. Group Profile 

C. Pool Profile 

D. Specific Profile 

Answer: A 

Q83. Company X has a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster and a VCS Control server with video endpoints registered on both systems. Users find that video endpoints registered on Call manager can call each other and likewise for the endpoints registered on the VCS server. The administrator for Company X realizes he needs a SIP trunk between the two systems for any video endpoint to call any other video endpoint. Which two steps must the administrator take to add the SIP trunk? (Choose two.) 

A. Set up a SIP trunk on Cisco UCM with the option Device-Trunk with destination address of the VCS server. 

B. Set up a subzone on Cisco UCM with the peer address to the VCS cluster. 

C. Set up a neighbor zone on the VCS server with the location of Cisco UCM using the menu option VCS Configuration > Zones > zone. 

D. Set up a SIP trunk on the VCS server with the destination address of the Cisco UCM and Transport set to TCP. 

E. Set up a traversal subzone on the VCS server to allow endpoints that are registered on Cisco UCM to communicate. 

Answer: A,C 

Q84. During device failover to the secondary Cisco Unified Communications Manager server, how does the phone recognize that the primary server is back? 

A. The secondary server keeps sending keepalive message to the primary server and when it succeeds, it unregisters the phones to force them to register to the primary. 

B. When the primary server goes online, it sends out an "ALIVE" message via broadcast so that the phones re-register. 

C. The phones never re-register with the primary server until the active (secondary) one goes down. 

D. The phone sends keepalive messages to the primary server frequently and when it succeeds, the phone re-registers with it. 

Answer: D 

Q85. Refer to the exhibit. 

The HQ site uses area code 650. The BR1 site uses area code 408. The long distance national code for PSTN dialing is 1. To make a long distance national call, an HQ or BR1 user dials access code 9, followed by 1, and then the 10-digit number. Both sites use MGCP gateways. AAR must use globalized call routing using a single route pattern. Assume that all outgoing PSTN numbers are localized at the egress gateway as shown in the exhibit. 

What should the AAR group prefix be? 

A. 9 

B. 91 

C. none 

D. + 

E. +1 

Answer: C 

300-075  question

Update 300-075 examcollection:

Q86. Scenario 

There are two call control systems in this item. The Cisco UCM is controlling the DX650, the Cisco Jabber for Windows Client, and the 9971 Video IP Phone. The Cisco VCS and TMS control the Cisco TelePresence MCU, and the Cisco Jabber TelePresence for Windows. 

Use the exhibits to answer the following questions. 





SRST-BR2 Config 

BR2 Config 


After configuring the CFUR for the directory number that is applied to BR2 phone (+442288224001), the calls fail from the PSTN. Which two of the following configurations if applied to the router, would remedy this situation? (Choose two.) 

A. dial-peer voice 1 potsincoming called-number 228822…direct-inward-dialport 0/0/0:15 

B. dial-peer voice 1 potsincoming called-number 228822…direct-inward-dialport 0/0/0:13 

C. voice translation-rule 1rule 1 /228821 …$/ /+44&/exit!voice translation-profile pstn-intranslate called 1!voice-port 0/0/0:15translation-profile incoming pstn-in 

D. voice translation-rule 1rule 1 /228822…$/ /+44&/exit!voice translation-profile pstn-intranslate called 1!voice-port 0/0/0:15translation-profile incoming pstn-in 

E. The router does not need to be configured 

Answer: A,D 

Q87. In a Centralized Call processing architecture, you have deployed Extension Mobility (EM) feature. After the deployment of EM, when one of the end-users tries to login to the IP phone, the Error 25 is displayed on the screen. What three things should you do to resolve this issue? (Choose three.) 

A. upgrade the firmware of the IP Phone to the latest version 

B. activate EM feature service under Cisco Unified Serviceability 

C. associate EM Device profile with the end-user 

D. subscribe the MAC address of the IP Phone to EM Service 

E. update EM Phone Service URL to point to the publisher 

F. subscribe device profile to EM phone service in case the enterprise subscription of EM Service is disabled 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q88. Which two entities could be represented by device mobility groups? (Choose two.) 

A. countries 

B. regions 

C. directory numbers 

D. transcoders 

Answer: A,B 

Q89. Which action configures transcoding resources in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to function with branch office Cisco IP Phones? 

A. Configure the branch office IP phones with CSS and partitions. 

B. Configure the branch office IP phones with MRGs and MRGLs. 

C. Configure the branch office IP phones with regions. 

D. Configure the branch office IP phones with locations. 

Answer: B 

Q90. Which two configurations can you perform to allow Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunks to send an offer in the INVITE? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable the Media Termination Point Required option on the SIP trunk. 

B. Enable the Early Offer Support for Voice and Video Calls option on the SIP profile. 

C. Select the Display IE Delivery check box in the gateway configuration. 

D. Select the Enable Inbound FastStart check box on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers. 

E. Select the SRTP Allowed check box on the SIP trunk. 

F. Execute the isdn switch-type primary-ni command globally. 

Answer: A,B