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Q101. Which three steps configure Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony for SIP phones? (Choose three.) 

A. Configure a phone NTP reference. 

B. Configure an SRST reference. 

C. Configure the SIP registrar. 

D. Configure voice register global dn. 

E. Configure voice register pool. 

F. Configure telephony service. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q102. Which two locations are the best locations that an end user can use to determine if an IP phone is working in SRST mode? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration 

B. IP phone display 

C. Cisco Unified SRST Router 

D. Cisco Unified MGCP Fallback Router 

E. physical IP phone settings 

Answer: B,E 


Incorrect Answer: A, C, D IP Phone display and Physical phone IP settings are two locations were an end user can determine if an IP phone is working in SRST mode. Link: 

Q103. Refer to the exhibit. 

With the Mobile Connect feature configured, when the PSTN phone calls the Enterprise user at extension 3001, the Enterprise user's mobile phone does not ring. Which CSS is responsible for ensuring that the correct partitions are accessed when calls are sent to the Enterprise user's mobile phone? 

A. the gateway CSS 

B. the Phone Device CSS 

C. the Remote Destination Profile CSS 

D. the Remote Destination Profile Rerouting CSS 

E. the Phone Line (DN)CSS 



Incorrect Answer: A, B, C, E 

Ensure that the gateway that is configured for routing mobile calls is assigned to the partition that belongs to the Rerouting Calling Search Space. Cisco Unified Communications Manager determines how to route calls based on the remote destination number and the Rerouting Calling Search Space. Link: .html 

Q104. What command is used to map internal extensions to the corresponding E.164 PSTN number when using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode? 

A. ephone-dn 

B. dialplan-pattern 

C. number 

D. number-e.164 

E. ephone-transnumber 


Q105. Which three options are supplementary services that are affected by MTP? (Choose three.) 

A. Call Hold 

B. Call Transfer 

C. Call Park 

D. Call Pickup 

E. Speed Dial 

F. Call Back 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q106. Which bandwidth amounts are correct for configuring locations? 

A. 8 kb/s for G.729, 64 kb/s for G.711, and 64 kb/s for G.722 

B. 8 kb/s for G.729, 64 kb/s for G.711, and 16 kb/s for G.722 

C. 64 kb/s for G.729, 64 kb/s for G.711, and 64 kb/s for G.722 

D. 8 kb/s for G.729, 8 kb/s for G.711, and 8 kb/s for G.722 


Q107. How do RSVP-enabled locations differ from Cisco Unified Communications Manager locations? 

A. RSVP is configured in the ISR independent of Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 

B. RSVP enables AAR within Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 

C. RSVP is topology aware. 

D. RSVP is configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager independent of the ISR. 


Q108. Which process can localize a global E.164 with + prefix calling numbers for inbound calls to an IP phone so that users see the calling number in a local format? 

A. Calling number localization is done using translation patterns. 

B. Calling number localization is done using route patterns. 

C. Calling number localization is done by configuring a calling party transformation CSS at the phone. 

D. Calling number localization is done by configuring a calling party transformation CSS at the gateway. 

E. Calling number localization is done by configuring the phone directory number in a localized format. 


Q109. Which two configurations can you perform to allow Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunks to send an offer in the INVITE? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable the Media Termination Point Required option on the SIP trunk. 

B. Enable the Early Offer Support for Voice and Video Calls option on the SIP profile. 

C. Select the Display IE Delivery check box in the gateway configuration. 

D. Select the Enable Inbound FastStart check box on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers. 

E. Select the SRTP Allowed check box on the SIP trunk. 

F. Execute the isdn switch-type primary-ni command globally. 

Answer: A,B 

Q110. How many active gatekeepers can you define in a local zone? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 5 

D. 10 

E. 15 

F. unlimited