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2021 Feb 300-080 exam

Q11. Which issue would cause an MGCP gateway to fail to register with Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. missing the configuration command isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager under the ISDN interface 

B. mismatched domain name on the MGCP gateway and Cisco Unified Communications Manager gateway configuration 

C. misconfigured route group in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

D. incorrect MGCP IP address specified in the gateway configuration in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 


Q12. Refer to topology and Exhibits below: After making a change to a manually configured MGCP gateway, what step should you take to ensure that the gateway accepts the changes and be operational? 

A. Issue the commands no MGCP, then MGCP. 

B. Issue the commands no SCCP. then SCCP. 

C. Issue the commands Shut, then no shut 

D. Issue the commands no CCM. then CCM. 


Q13. Which three network conditions and equipment should you avoid to ensure a high-quality Cisco TelePresence experience? (Choose three.) 

A. network hubs 

B. Layer 3 switches 

C. duplex mismatch connections 

D. 10/100 access ports 

E. high utilization link with QoS 

F. network loops 

G. redundant network trunks 

Answer: A,C,F 

Q14. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which course of action will resolve the Mobile Connect issues that are shown in the exhibit? 

A. Configure the Mobility softkey on the phone. 

B. Enable the user for Cisco Mobile Connect. 

C. Make the user an owner of the phone device in the phone device configuration page. 

D. Enable the device mobility mode on the phone since it is disabled. 


Q15. Endpoints are configured for both H.323 and SIP using the same URI and Cisco VCS settings, but the endpoints register only as H.323 endpoints. What is causing this issue? 

A. A firewall is blocking all traffic from the endpoints to the Cisco VCS. 

B. The Cisco VCS has no SIP domains configured. 

C. The Cisco VCS is blocking the endpoints because of duplicate ID entries. 

D. The endpoints do not have the SIP option key installed. 

E. SIP does not work, because SIP is used for Cisco Unified Communications Manager registration only. 


Renewal 300-080 exam topics:

Q16. You enabled.Cisco Unified.Mobile Connect for a user, but the user is unable to send calls to a mobile phone from the desk phone. What do you do to resolve the issue? 

A. Restart the phone, and verify that the key is present. 

B. Under User Management > User, make sure that the Mobility option is selected. 

C. Make sure that the phone is subscribed to Extension Mobility. 

D. Add the mobility key to the softkey template that the phone is currently using. 


Q17. A user using a CP-9971 SIP phone reports that during a video call, the video portion of the call freezes. What should you do in order to point to and troubleshoot the issue? 

A. Restart the phone. 

B. On the phone, navigate to Administrator Settings > Status > Call Statistics > Video > Video statistics > Rcvr Packets statistics. Verify if the phone is receiving packets. 

C. Make sure that the camera is connected to the USB. 

D. Verify if the camera shutter is open. 

E. Perform a factory reset of the phone. 


Q18. You have been presented with a trouble ticket from an end user who works at a remote location that is served by a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. The user reports being unable to place calls to international numbers, but all other calls work properly and other users at this location can place international calls. Which two troubleshooting techniques would be helpful in resolving this issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco IOS debug tools 

B. Class of Restriction baseline configuration for the user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 

C. show output of the ephone and ephone-dn configurations 

D. show output of the voice translation rules in the voice gateway 

E. show output for the T1 controller and voice port configuration in the voice gateway 

Answer: A,B 

Q19. In a SAF deployment, the registration status looks correct and the learned patterns appear reachable, but calls are not routed. What is causing this issue? 

A. network connection failure between the SAF Forwarder and Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

B. network connection failure between the primary and backup SAF Forwarders 

C. TCP connection failure with the primary SAF Forwarder 

D. TCP connection failure with the backup SAF Forwarder 


Q20. Cisco TelePresence System EX90-A and EX90-B are in a call. EX90-A tries to call EX90-C. When the call is dialed, EX90-B is put on hold. EX90-A and EX90-C are connected, but there is no merge button on the touch panel. What is causing this issue? 

A. The multisite option key is missing. 

B. The multisite configuration is missing. 

C. The conference option key is missing. 

D. The conference configuration is missing. 

E. CiscoTelePresence systems cannot make multipoint calls without a Cisco TelePresence Server. 

F. The multipoint option key is missing.