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2021 Jan 300-085 dumps

Q11. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which Cisco Unified Personal Communicator status has the user selected? 

A. Available 

B. Do Not Disturb 

C. Away 

D. In a Meeting 

E. Out of Office 


Q12. When you set up Cisco TMS for provisioning, which option must be configured and properly licensed? 

A. Cisco UCM 

B. Cisco TelePresence EX90 

C. Cisco VCS 

D. Cisco Unity Connection 


Q13. What is the maximum number of custom auto-attendant applications that you can set up in Cisco Unity Express? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

E. 5 

F. 6 


Q14. Which troubleshooting tool is used to check and verify the individual modules in the Cisco Unified Presence server? 

A. Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool 

B. Cisco Unified Presence System Troubleshooter 

C. Cisco Unified Presence Monitoring Tool 

D. Cisco Unified Presence Viewer 


Q15. Where do you navigate to within Cisco TMS to place a call? 

A. Systems > Navigator > Endpoint > Call Status 

B. Systems > Monitoring > Endpoint > Place Call 

C. Endpoint > Navigator > Call Status 

D. Booking > List Conferences > Place Call 

E. Systems > Navigator > Manage Dial Plan > Place Call 

F. Systems > Navigator > Provisioning > Place Call 


Updated 300-085 exam answers:

Q16. Which three components.are the minimum needed to enable the FindMe feature for the users of an enterprise? (Choose three.) 

A. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite 

B. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Provisioning Extension 

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager with Extension Mobility Service 

D. Video Communication Server 

E. Cisco IM and Presence 

F. Cisco Webex On Premises deployment 

G. Cisco TelePresence Conductor 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q17. Which type of video service does Cisco Unity Connection use to provide video services? 

A. multipoint control unit 

B. video control services 

C. conductor 

D. Cisco Presence Service 

E. MediaSense 


Q18. In Cisco Unified Communications Manager presence with SIP, if the presence entity resides within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster, how does Cisco Unified Communications Manager respond to a SIP line-side presence request? 

A. by sending a SIP NOTIFY message to the presence watcher to indicate the current status of the presence entity 

B. by sending a SIP SUBSCRIBE message to the presence watcher to request the presence status of the indicated presence entity 

C. by sending SCCP messages to the presence watcher to indicate the current status of the presence entity 

D. by using the Cisco Unified Presence PUBLISH Trunk service parameter on Cisco Unified Communications Manager to associate the user with a line appearance 


Q19. When troubleshooting an MWI issue in Cisco Unity Connection, which task should you perform in the phone system component at the beginning of troubleshooting? 

A. Ensure that MWI is enabled for the user. 

B. Ensure that the user has the correct phone system assigned. 

C. Run the Check Telephony Integration test. 

D. Ensure that the ports are configured for MWI only. 

E. Ensure that the pilot number matches the Cisco Unified Communications Manager configured pilot number. 


Q20. When configuring mobile and remote access, which three servers.must be added manually to the HTTP server allow list on the Expressway-C or VCS-C? (Choose three.) 

A. Cisco Unity Connection 

B. contact photos web server 

C. Jabber update server 

D. Active Directory domain controller 

E. Outlook Web Access 

F. company intranet 

G. TFTP server 

Answer: A,B,C