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2021 Aug samsonite 300-206:

Q31. What is a required attribute to configure NTP authentication on a Cisco ASA? 

A. Key ID 

B. IPsec 


D. IKEv2 

Answer: A 

Q32. Which three statements about the software requirements for a firewall failover configuration are true? (Choose three.) 

A. The firewalls must be in the same operating mode. 

B. The firewalls must have the same major and minor software version. 

C. The firewalls must be in the same context mode. 

D. The firewalls must have the same major software version but can have different minor versions. 

E. The firewalls can be in different context modes. 

F. The firewalls can have different Cisco AnyConnect images. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q33. Refer to the exhibit. What type of attack is being mitigated on the Cisco ASA appliance? 

A. HTTP and POST flood attack 

B. HTTP Compromised-Key Attack 

C. HTTP Shockwave Flash exploit 

D. HTTP SQL injection attack 

Answer: D 

Q34. Which statement is true of the logging configuration on the Cisco ASA? 

A. The contents of the internal buffer will be saved to an FTP server before the buffer is overwritten. 

B. The contents of the internal buffer will be saved to flash memory before the buffer is overwritten. 

C. System log messages with a severity level of six and higher will be logged to the internal buffer. 

D. System log messages with a severity level of six and lower will be logged to the internal buffer. 

Answer: C 


\psfHome.TrashScreen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.26.32 PM.png 

Q35. Which Cisco switch technology prevents traffic on a LAN from being disrupted by a broadcast, multicast, or unicast flood on a port? 

A. port security 

B. storm control 

C. dynamic ARP inspection 

D. BPDU guard 

E. root guard 

F. dot1x 

Answer: B 

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Q36. Which Cisco TrustSec role does a Cisco ASA firewall serve within an identity architecture? 

A. Access Requester 

B. Policy Decision Point 

C. Policy Information Point 

D. Policy Administration Point 

E. Policy Enforcement Point 

Answer: E

Q37. Which four are IPv6 First Hop Security technologies? (Choose four.) 

A. Send 

B. Dynamic ARP Inspection 

C. Router Advertisement Guard 

D. Neighbor Discovery Inspection 

E. Traffic Storm Control 

F. Port Security 

G. DHCPv6 Guard 

Answer: A,C,D,G 

Q38. When it is configured in accordance to Cisco best practices, the switchport port-security maximum command can mitigate which two types of Layer 2 attacks? (Choose two.) 

A. rogue DHCP servers 

B. ARP attacks 

C. DHCP starvation 

D. MAC spoofing 

E. CAM attacks 

F. IP spoofing 

Answer: C,E 

Q39. Which cloud characteristic is used to describe the sharing of physical resources between various entities? 

A. Multitenancy 

B. Ubiquitous access 

C. Elasticity 

D. Resiliency 

Answer: D 

Q40. When you install a Cisco ASA AIP-SSM, which statement about the main Cisco ASDM home page is true? 

A. It is replaced by the Cisco AIP-SSM home page. 

B. It must reconnect to the NAT policies database. 

C. The administrator can manually update the page. 

D. It displays a new Intrusion Prevention panel. 

Answer: D