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2021 Nov 300-206 dumps:


You are the network security engineer for the Secure-X network. The company has recently detected Increase of traffic to malware Infected destinations. The Chief Security Officer deduced that some PCs in the internal networks are infected with malware and communicate with malware infected destinations. 

The CSO has tasked you with enable Botnet traffic filter on the Cisco ASA to detect and deny further connection attempts from infected PCs to malware destinations. You are also required to test your configurations by initiating connections through the Cisco ASA and then display and observe the Real-Time Log Viewer in ASDM. To successfully complete this activity, you must perform the following tasks: 

* Download the dynamic database and enable use of it. 

. Enable the ASA to download of the dynamic database 

. Enable the ASA to download of the dynamic database. 

. Enable DNS snooping for existing DNS inspection service policy rules.. 

. Enable Botnet Traffic Filter classification on the outside interface for All Traffic. 

. Configure the Botnet Traffic Filter to drop blacklisted traffic on the outside interface. Use the default Threat Level settings 

NOTE: The database files are stored in running memory; they are not stored in flash memory. 

NOTE: DNS is enabled on the inside interface and set to the HQ-SRV ( 

NOTE: Not all ASDM screens are active for this exercise. 

. Verify that the ASA indeed drops traffic to blacklisted destinations by doing the following: 

. From the Employee PC, navigate to to make sure that access to the Internet is working. 

. From the Employee PC, navigate to This destination is classified as malware destination by the Cisco SIO database. 

. From the Employee PC, navigate to This destination is classified as malware destination by the Cisco SIO database. 

. From Admin PC, launch ASDM to display and observe the Real-Time Log Viewer. 

Answer: Use the following configuration to setup in explanation. 

Q12. For which management session types does ASDM allow a maximum simultaneous connection limit to be set? 

A. ASDM, Telnet, SSH 

B. ASDM, Telnet, SSH, console 

C. ASDM, Telnet, SSH, VTY 

D. ASDM, Telnet, SSH, other 


Q13. What are two high-level task areas in a Cisco Prime Infrastructure life-cycle workflow? (Choose two.) 

A. Design 

B. Operate 

C. Maintain 

D. Log 

E. Evaluate 

Answer: A,B 

Q14. Which two parameters must be configured before you enable SCP on a router? (Choose two.) 


B. authorization 

C. ACLs 



Answer: A,B 

Q15. What are three ways to add devices in Cisco Prime Infrastructure? (Choose three.) 

A. Use an automated process. 

B. Import devices from a CSV file. 

C. Add devices manually. 


E. Use the Access Control Server. 

F. Use Cisco Security Manager. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Updated testking 300-206:

Q16. What is the default behavior of an access list on a Cisco ASA? 

A. It will permit or deny traffic based on the access list criteria. 

B. It will permit or deny all traffic on a specified interface. 

C. It will have no affect until applied to an interface, tunnel-group or other traffic flow. 

D. It will allow all traffic. 


Q17. Which set of commands enables logging and displays the log buffer on a Cisco ASA? 

A. enable logging 

show logging 

B. logging enable 

show logging 

C. enable logging int e0/1 

view logging 

D. logging enable 

logging view config 


Q18. How much storage is allotted to maintain system,configuration , and image files on the Cisco ASA 1000V during OVF template file deployment? 

A. 1GB 

B. 5GB 

C. 2GB 

D. 10GB 


Q19. Which two TCP ports must be open on the Cisco Security Manager server to allow the server to communicate with the Cisco Security Manager client? (Choose two.) 

A. 1741 

B. 443 

C. 80 

D. 1740 

E. 8080 

Answer: A,B 

Q20. You have installed a web server on a private network. Which type of NAT must you implement to enable access to the web server for public Internet users? 

A. static NAT 

B. dynamic NAT 

C. network object NAT 

D. twice NAT