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2021 Dec examcollection 300-206:

Q51. Which command tests authentication with SSH and shows a generated key? 

A. show key mypubkey rsa 

B. show crypto key mypubkey rsa 

C. show crypto key 

D. show key mypubkey 


Q52. Which log level provides the most detail on the Cisco Web Security Appliance? 

A. Debug 

B. Critical 

C. Trace 

D. Informational 


Q53. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which type of ACL is shown in this configuration? 

A. IPv4 

B. IPv6 

C. unified 



Q54. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which option describes the expected result of the capture ACL? 

A. The capture is applied, but we cannot see any packets in the capture 

B. The capture does not get applied and we get an error about mixed policy. 

C. The capture is applied and we can see the packets in the capture 

D. The capture is not applied because we must have a host IP as the source 


Q55. Which cloud characteristic is used to describe the sharing of physical resources 

between various entities? 

A. Multitenancy 

B. Ubiquitous access 

C. Elasticity 

D. Resiliency 


Far out samsonite 300-206:

Q56. Which component does Cisco ASDM require on the host Cisco ASA 5500 Series or Cisco PIX security appliance? 

A. a DES or 3DES license 

B. a NAT policy server 

C. a SQL database 

D. a Kerberos key 

E. a digital certificate 


Q57. Which threat-detection feature is used to keep track of suspected attackers who create connections to too many hosts or ports? 

A. complex threat detection 

B. scanning threat detection 

C. basic threat detection 

D. advanced threat detection 


Q58. You are the administrator of a multicontext transparent-mode Cisco ASA that uses a shared interface that belongs to more than one context. Because the same interface will be used within all three contexts, which statement describes how you will ensure that return traffic will reach the correct context? 

A. Interfaces may not be shared between contexts in routed mode. 

B. Configure a unique MAC address per context with the no mac-address auto command. 

C. Configure a unique MAC address per context with the mac-address auto command. 

D. Use static routes on the Cisco ASA to ensure that traffic reaches the correct context. 


Q59. What is the primary purpose of stateful pattern recognition in Cisco IPS networks? 

A. mitigating man-in-the-middle attacks 

B. using multipacket inspection across all protocols to identify vulnerability-based attacks and to thwart attacks that hide within a data stream 

C. detecting and preventing MAC address spoofing in switched environments 

D. identifying Layer 2 ARP attacks 


Q60. Which command sets the source IP address of the NetFlow exports of a device? 

A. ip source flow-export 

B. ip source netflow-export 

C. ip flow-export source 

D. ip netflow-export source