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2021 Dec ipexpert 300-207:

Q81. Which two options are characteristics of router-based IPS? (Choose two.) 

A. It supports custom signatures 

B. It supports virtual sensors. 

C. It supports multiple VRFs. 

D. It uses configurable anomaly detection. 

E. Signature definition files have been deprecated. 

Answer: C,E 

Q82. What is the default antispam policy for positively identified messages? 

A. Drop 

B. Deliver and Append with [SPAM] 

C. Deliver and Prepend with [SPAM] 

D. Deliver and Alternate Mailbox 


Q83. A network engineer may use which three types of certificates when implementing HTTPS decryption services on the ASA CX? (Choose three.) 

A. Self Signed Server Certificate 

B. Self Signed Root Certificate 

C. Microsoft CA Server Certificate 

D. Microsoft CA Subordinate Root Certificate 

E. LDAP CA Server Certificate 

F. LDAP CA Root Certificate 

G. Public Certificate Authority Server Certificate 

H. Public Certificate Authority Root Certificate 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q84. When a Cisco Email Security Appliance joins a cluster, which four settings are inherited? (Choose four.) 

A. IP address 

B. DNS settings 

C. SMTP routes 



F. hostname 

G. certificates 

Answer: B,C,D,E 

Q85. What action will the sensor take regarding IP addresses listed as known bad hosts in the Cisco SensorBase network? 

A. Global correlation is configured in Audit mode fortesting the feature without actually denying any hosts. 

B. Global correlation is configured in Aggressive mode, which has a very aggressive effect on deny actions. 

C. It will not adjust risk rating values based on the known bad hosts list. 

D. Reputation filtering is disabled. 



This can be seen on the Globabl Correlation – Inspection/Reputation tab show below: 

Replace 300-207 vce:

Q86. Which role does Passive Identity Management play in the Cisco Cloud Web Security architecture? 

A. It provides user-level information that is received from Active Directory. 

B. It enables the administrator to control web access for users and user groups. 

C. It defines a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data. 

D. It controls content that passes into and out of the network. 


Q87. What is the function of the Cisco Context Adaptive Scanning Engine in Cisco Hybrid Email Security services? 

A. It uses real-time traffic threat assessment to identify suspicious email senders and messages. 

B. It provides a preventive defense against viruses by scanning messages before they enter the network. 

C. It analyzes message content and attachments to protect an organization's intellectual property. 

D. It protects against blended threats by using human-like logic to review and evaluate traffic. 


Q88. Which three statements about threat ratings are true? (Choose three.) 

A. A threat rating is equivalent to a risk rating that has been lowered by an alert rating. 

B. The largest threat rating from all actioned events is added to the risk rating. 

C. The smallest threat rating from all actioned events is subtracted from the risk rating. 

D. The alert rating for deny-attacker-inline is 45. 

E. Unmitigated events do not cause a threat rating modification. 

F. The threat rating for deny-attacker-inline is 50. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q89. A new Cisco IPS device has been placed on the network without prior analysis. Which CLI command shows the most fired signature? 

A. Show statistics virtual-sensor 

B. Show event alert 

C. Show alert 

D. Show version 


Q90. The Web Security Appliance has identities defined for faculty and staff, students, and default access. The faculty and staff identity identifies users based on the source network and authenticated credentials. The identity for students identifies users based on the source network along with successful authentication credentials. The global identity is for guest users not authenticated against the domain. 

Recently, a change was made to the organization's security policy to allow faculty and staff access to a social network website, and the security group changed the access policy for faculty and staff to allow the social networking category. 

Which are the two most likely reasons that the category is still being blocked for a faculty and staff user? (Choose two.) 

A. The user is being matched against the student policy because the user did not enter credentials. 

B. The user is using an unsupported browser so the credentials are not working. 

C. The social networking URL was entered into a custom URL category that is blocked in the access policy. 

D. The user is connected to the wrong network and is being blocked by the student policy. 

E. The social networking category is being allowed but the AVC policy is still blocking the website. 

Answer: C,E