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2021 Mar 300-207 vce

Q21. Which sensor deployment mode does Cisco recommend when interface capacity is limited and you need to increase sensor functionality? 

A. inline interface pair mode 

B. inline VLAN pair mode 

C. inline VLAN group mode 

D. VLAN group mode 


Q22. At which value do custom signatures begin? 

A. 1024 

B. 10000 

C. 1 

D. 60000 


Q23. In which way are packets handled when the IPS internal zone is set to "disabled"? 

A. All packets are dropped to the external zone. 

B. All packets are dropped to the internal zone. 

C. All packets are ignored in the internal zone. 

D. All packets are sent to the default external zone. 


Q24. Which three functions can Cisco Application Visibility and Control perform? (Choose three.) 

A. Validation of malicious traffic 

B. Traffic control 

C. Extending Web Security to all computing devices 

D. Application-level classification 

E. Monitoring 

F. Signature tuning 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q25. Which two commands are valid URL filtering commands? (Choose two.) 

A. url-server (DMZ) vendor smartfilter host 

B. url-server (DMZ) vendor url-filter host 

C. url-server (DMZ) vendor n2h2 host 

D. url-server (DMZ) vendor CISCO host 

E. url-server (DMZ) vendor web host 

Answer: A,C 

Improved 300-207 exam:

Q26. What is the default CX Management 0/0 IP address on a Cisco ASA 5512-X appliance? 








Q27. Which two statements about Signature 1104 are true? (Choose two.) 

A. This is a custom signature. 

B. The severity level is High. 

C. This signature has triggered as indicated by the red severity icon. 

D. Produce Alert is the only action defined. 

E. This signature is enabled, but inactive, as indicated bythe/0 to that follows the signature number. 

Answer: B,D 


This can be seen here where signature 1004 is the 5th one down: 

Q28. When you configure the Cisco ESA to perform blacklisting, what are two items you can disable to enhance performance? (Choose two.) 

A. spam scanning 

B. antivirus scanning 

C. APT detection 

D. rootkit detection 

Answer: A,B 

Q29. What are the two policy types that can use a web reputation profile to perform reputation-based processing? (Choose two.) 

A. profile policies 

B. encryption policies 

C. decryption policies 

D. access policies 

Answer: C,D 

Q30. During initial configuration, the Cisco ASA can be configured to drop all traffic if the ASA CX SSP fails by using which command in a policy-map? 

A. cxsc fail 

B. cxsc fail-close 

C. cxsc fail-open 

D. cxssp fail-close