Exam Code: 300 320 dumps (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures
Certification Provider: Cisco
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Q11. Which option is the preferred and most versatile model to deploy IPv6 in existing IPv4 environments? 

A. hybrid 

B. service block 

C. dual stack 

D. processes 


Q12. Which two modes does LACP support? (Choose two.) 

A. on 

B. passive 

C. associated 

D. link 

Answer: A,B 

Q13. AutoQoS is used to implement VoIP in the enterprise, but the trust option is not configured on the interface. Which network management Cisco IOS capability classifies the voice traffic? 

A. NetFlow 





Q14. Which multicast implementation strategy provides load sharing and redundancy by configuring intradomain RPs as MSDP peers? 

A. anycast RP 

B. auto-RP 

C. bootstrap router 

D. static RP 


Q15. Refer to the exhibit. 

A network engineer manually reconfigures the BGP configuration on newly upgraded router R1. However, the BGP neighbor relationship does not come up with the directly connected neighbor router. What is causing the failure of the BGP neighbor relationship between routers R1 and R2? 

A. An incorrect neighbor IP address for router R2 is configured on router R1. 

B. An incorrect neighbor AS number is configured on router R1 for router R2. 

C. The wrong BGP authentication password is configured on router R1. 

D. Router R1 must configure the R2 loopback address as the neighbor IP address. 


Q16. Which feature set enables the full OSPF routing process when using a Cisco Catalyst 3750X Switch? 

A. LAN base 

B. IP base 

C. IP services 

D. enterprise access 


Q17. Which action can be taken on a multiaccess segment with OSPF speakers to reduce the performance impact during widespread convergence events? 

A. Separate the network into multiple areas for each new multiaccess segment. 

B. Enable LSA throttling in the core to slow link state advertisement updates during times of network instability. 

C. Ensure that the elected DR or BDR router can support high-volume convergence events. 

D. Verify that fewer than 50 OSPF speakers are on the segment. 


Q18. A network engineer is designing a dual router, dual ISP solution and must prefer one ISP for inbound traffic over the other. Which two BGP attributes can be manipulated to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.) 

A. AS path 


C. local preference 

D. weight 

E. origin code 

Answer: A,B 

Q19. Which of these is a recommended practice with trunks? 

A. use ISL encapsulation 

B. use 802.1q encapsulation 

C. set ISL to desirable and auto with encapsulation negotiate to support ILS protocol negotiation 

D. use VTP server mode to support dynamic propagation of VLAN information across the network 


Q20. Which two design recommendations are most appropriate when EIGRP is the data center core routing protocol? (Choose two.) 

A. Summarize data center subnets. 

B. Advertise a default route into the data center core from the aggregation layer. 

C. Tune the EIGRP timers to enable EIGRP to achieve quicker convergence. 

D. Adjust the default bandwidth value to ensure proper bandwidth on all links. 

Answer: A,B