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2021 Aug area code 320-300:

Q151. Which three options are the three layers of the Cisco design in the data center architecture? (Choose three.) 

A. core layer 

B. distribution layer 

C. service layer 

D. aggregation layer 

E. Layer 2 domain sizing 

F. access layer 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q152. Which statement about IPS and IDS solutions is true? 

A. IDS and IPS read traffic only in inline mode. 

B. IDS and IPS read traffic only in promiscuous mode. 

C. An IDS reads traffic in inline mode, and an IPS reads traffic in promiscuous mode. 

D. An IDS reads traffic in promiscuous mode, and an IPS reads traffic in inline mode. 

Answer: D 

Q153. Summary address blocks can be used to support which network application? 

A. QoS 

B. IPsec tunneling 

C. Cisco TrustSec 


E. DiffServ 

Answer: D 

Q154. Which two options improve BGP scalability in a large autonomous system? (Choose two.) 

A. route reflectors 

B. route redistribution 

C. confederations 

D. communities 

Answer: A,C 

Q155. Which network virtualization plane is used to separate traffic forwarding tables? 

A. control 

B. data 

C. management 

D. access 

Answer: B 


Updated vxa-320 vxa-300:

Q156. When is a first-hop redundancy protocol needed in the distribution layer? 

A. when the design implements Layer 2 between the access and distribution blocks 

B. when multiple vendor devices need to be supported 

C. when preempt tuning of the default gateway is needed 

D. when a robust method of backing up the default gateway is needed 

E. when the design implements Layer 2 between the access switch and the distribution blocks 

Answer: A 

Q157. What feature is a benefit of using Cisco UCS blade servers for data center virtualization? 

A. guest VM high availability 

B. converged LAN and SAN infrastructure 

C. host based etherchannel 

D. built-in hypervisor 

Answer: B 

Q158. Which type of connectivity is required for VPLS? 

A. full mesh 

B. partial mesh 

C. star 

D. bus 

E. ring 

Answer: A 

Q159. A designer should have which three technologies in the network before configuring MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose three.) 



C. Cisco Express Forwarding 


E. vPC 


Answer: A,B,C 

Q160. A company requires redundancy for its multihomed BGP external connections. What two features can be configured on the WAN routers to automate failover for both outbound and inbound traffic? (Choose two.) 

A. AS path prepending 

B. local preference 

C. floating static route 



F. weight 

Answer: A,D