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Q31. Which show command will show whether a WLAN is locally or centrally switched on a Cisco Wireless Lan Controller? 

A. show ap config general Cisco_AP 

B. show wlan wlan_id 

C. show flexconnect summary 

D. show flexconnect group detail 


Q32. Which network is connected by default when connecting to the unused Ethernet port of a MAP? 

A. the native VLAN that the MAP is connected to 

B. the VLAN that is associated with WLAN number 1 in the WLC 

C. the native VLAN that the WLC is connected to 

D. the VLAN that is associated with the SSID that the MAPs are communicating on 


Q33. A customer requires wireless traffic from the branch to be routed through the firewall at corporate headquarters. There is a RADIUS server in each branch location. Which FlexConnect state should be used in this scenario? 

A. local authentication and local switching 

B. local authentication and central switching 

C. central authentication and central switching 

D. central authentication and local switching 


Q34. You have set up FlexConnect APs. For which scenario is Fast Roaming supported, providing the WLAN is mapped to the same VLAN and the client is roaming to an AP on the same Cisco WLC? 

A. central switching with PMK (OKC) between different FlexConnect groups 

B. local switching with Cisco Centralized Key Management within the same FlexConnect group 

C. central switching with Cisco Centralized Key Management between different FlexConnect groups 

D. local switching with PMKID within the same FlexConnect group 


Q35. A network engineer for a college dormitory notices that student devices are filling up the SP-DB and are not allowing the shared wireless printers to be discovered. Which feature can be used to reserve space in the SP-DB for the printers? 



C. Priority MAC 

D. sso 


Q36. What address do PIM routers listen to in order to automatically discover the best RP for each multicast group? 




D. 224.0.140