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2021 Aug 300-460 sample question

Q21. Which two fields are needed for a Cisco UCS Director administrator to configure a WWN block? (Choose two.) 

A. the first WWNN or WWPN address in the block 

B. the WWN for the initiator 

C. a unique name for the initiator 

D. a unique name for the block 

E. the number of WWN or WWPN addresses in the block 

Answer: A,E 


Q22. Refer to the exhibit. Which set of commands results in this output? 

A. show service-profile circuit detail 

B. connect nxos show system internal port-map 

C. connect nxos b show system internal woodside sts 

D. connect iom 1 show platform software woodside sts 

Answer: D 

Q23. A Cisco UCS Director administrator is creating a VSAN. Which two types of VSANs are available? (Choose two.) 

A. storage cloud 

B. storage hybrid 

C. SAN cloud 




Answer: C,D 

Q24. In Cisco UCSM, which two options describe the purpose of a service profile template? (Choose two.) 

A. With a service profile template, you can quickly create several service profiles with the same basic parameters, such as the number of vNICs and vHBAs, and with identify information drawn from the same pools. 

B. A service profile template parameterizes the UIDs that differentiate one instance of an otherwise identical server from another. Templates can be categorized into two types: initial and updating. 

C. When using an initial service profile template, changes to the initial template automatically propagate to the bound service profiles. 

D. Service profiles created from an updating service profile template do not inherit all the properties of the template and remain connected to the template. Any changes to the template must be propagated manually to the service profiles that are created from the template. 

Answer: A,B 

Q25. Cisco USB Director provides many tools to help diagnose and resolve common problems. Which option describes the purpose of the system information tool? 

A. to view basic and advanced system information, including the license status, database tables version, recourse usage, logs, and debugging processes for troubleshooting 

B. to view product support information 

C. to execute JavaScript functions and to define variables and functions, when using cloupia scripts 

D. to troubleshoot problems related to various administrative tasks such as connectivity, configuration, and status 

Answer: A 

Reference: Basic system information includes the version, uptimes, service status, system license status, usage, compute accounts status, compute server status, storage account status, system catalogs, network device status, and cloud status. 

The advanced system information includes basic system information, and database tables summary, product configuration, top process information, and information on processors, memory, disks, log files, network, and login. You can also view the system task status, cloud inventory, and monitoring status. 

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Q26. Where does performance tuning of high CPU utilization take place in Cisco UCS? 

A. high performance policy 

B. energy performance mode policy 

C. compute policy 

D. BIOS policy 

Answer: D 

Q27. An administrator is troubleshooting a virtual switch that does not show up when it is added to the host using the port-profile management snap-in. Which action is the next step? 

A. Enable SR-IOV for the virtual switch inside Hyper-V 

B. Add drivers for the virtual switch 

C. Reboot the server 

D. Enable VMbus for the parent partition and the virtual machine 

Answer: C 

Reference: guide/2-1/b_GUI_Hyper-V_VM-FEX_UCSM_Configuration_Guide/b_GUI_Hyper-V_VM-FEX_UCSM_Configuration_Guide_chapter_0101.html#task_FD3156BC3C7F48FBBF728E 8A824E81CA 

Q28. Which option describes the function of an initiator in Storage Area Networking? 

A. stats a connection over the fabric to one or more ports 

B. provides a network infrastructure consisting of one or more Fibre Channel switches 

C. creates a connection over the fabric to one or more initiator ports 

D. an endpoint that receives data in the SAN infrastructure 

Answer: D 

Q29. The Cisco UCS usNIC feature improves performance of software applications by bypassing the kernel network stack. Which option lists the steps to configure usNIC capable vNIC in the correct order? 

A. Create a usNIC connection policy, create a vNIC, set vNIC connection policy to usNIC, and install the usNIC RPM driver 

B. Modify the vNIC network control policy to usNIC, modify usNIC Ethernet adapter policy, and install the usNIC RPM driver 

C. Create a usNIC connection policy, create a vNIC, set vNIC adapter policy to Linux, and install the usNIC RPM driver 

D. Create a vNIC, modify usNIC Ethernet adapter policy, set vNIC connection policy to usNIC, and install the usNIC RPM driver 

Answer: D 


Q30. Which option is the best way to provide templates to end users in Cisco UCS Director? 

A. Give access to the template. 

B. Assign the template to the standard catalog. 

C. Assign the template to the advance catalog. 

D. Deploy a copied template. 

Answer: B