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2021 Feb 300-465 exams

Q31. Which hypervisor supports VM Lockstep Protection? 

A. VMWare 

B. HyperV 

C. Oracle 

D. Citrix 


Q32. Which three options does Cisco Intercloud Fabric provide? (Choose three.) 

A. Workload security throughout the resulting hybrid clouds. 

B. Ability to build, test, and validate laaS architecture in a nonproduction environment without affecting other existing deployments. 

C. Increase the business and time-to-service revenue with cloud infrastructures. 

D. Usage-based, per customer costing in multitenant cloud environments. 

E. Highly secure, scalable connectivity to extend private clouds to service provider clouds. 

F. Consistent operations and workload portability across clouds. 

Answer: A,E,F 

Q33. Which statement about VACS is true? 

A. It provides centralized provisioning and orchestration (or physical and virtual networking. 

B. It is designed around open standards and open APIs. 

C. It provides scalable and multi protocol controller infrastructure for supporting multiple service providers and services. 

D. Delivers a comprehensive cloud management solution spanning service offerings from underlying infrastructure lo anything-as-a-service platforms. 


Regenerate 300-465 exam cram:

Q34. Which two ports are used by Intercloud fabric tunnel ports? (Choose two.) 

A. TCP 6644 and 6646 

B. TCP 6000 and 7010 

C. UDP 6644 and 6646 

D. TCP 7000 and 7010 

Answer: A,C 

Q35. A cloud administrator is considering methods for securing the cloud infrastructure. Which three statements about data plane protection are true? (Choose three.) 

A. You must preplan security policies and test them thoroughly before you implement them in an automated fashion. 

B. Define security policies alter the creation of virtual machine environments. 

C. Storing sensitive information on the cloud is permissible as long as the data center architecture is resilient. 

D. Out-of-date corporate security policies contribute to data exposure. 

E. Encrypting data at rest on the disk is extremely helpful in assuring data protection within a cloud-based data center. 

F. Data encryption is enforced only when an application requires it. 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q36. Which statement about file-level storage is true? 

A. It is well suited for bulk file storage. 

B. Support external boot-up of systems connected to them. 

C. It is complicated to implement. 

D. It can store files and provide storage required for special applications like database VMFS.