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2021 Jan 300-470 study guide

Q21. You have been tasked with managing the lifecycles of VMs. Which three statements are true regarding VM lease times and end-user restrictions? (Choose three.) 

A. After the lease time has expired, the VM owner notified by email about the impeding delete. 

B. VMs can only be powered off or on by the administrator. 

C. End users can take snapshots of their VMs. 

D. After the lease time has expired, the administrator will be notified of the delete process. 

E. Custom lease time policies in.Cisco UCS Director will show up in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog GUI. 

F. Provisioned VMs can be rolled back by end users. 

Answer: A,C,F 

Q22. Which type of Cisco UCS Director policy is a template for virtual machine names, power-on state, time zone, and DNS? 

A. network policy 

B. computing policy 

C. compute policy 

D. storage policy 

E. system policy 


Q23. A Cisco UCS Director administrator has been tasked with creating a new service request. From which four catalog requests can the administrator choose? (Choose four.) 


B. Standard 

C. Service Container 

D. Advanced 

E. Normal 

F. Live Applications 

G. Process Container 

H. Regular 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q24. What is the order of thecommunication path in a typicalthree-tier application? A. WebBrowser->AppTier->WebTier->DBTier 

B. WebBrowser->WebTier->AppTier->DBTier 

C. WebTier->WebBrowser->AppTier->DBTier 

D. WebTier->AppTier->DBTier->BackupTier 


Q25. Which three properties are available in a Cisco UCS Director computing policy when selecting a filter? (Choose three.) 

A. Fiber Channel storage LUNs 

B. number of CPU cores in the host node 

C. Hypervisor version 

D. total memory in the host node 

E. number of available vNICs 

F. local storage 

Answer: B,C,D 

Rebirth 300-470 free exam questions:

Q26. Which two statements are true regarding role-based access control in Prime Service Catalog? (Choose two.) 

A. IT admin usesthe Cisco Prime Service Catalog as the primary interface to manage tenant life cycle and services. 

B. Tenant admin in the private cloud is associated with tenant billing and cost model. 

C. Development of stack designer for application deployment is not within the framework of RBAC. 

D. IT admin manages infrastructure in the cloud and uses the Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Horizon, and Openstack templates as the primary interface. 

Answer: A,D 

Q27. Which two attributes are available when creating a security zone for athree-tier template in Cisco VACS? (Choose two.) 

A. virtual machine name 

B. network IP address range 

C. ICMP port 

D. Nexus 9000 eVPN overlay 

Answer: A,B 

Q28. You have been tasked with managing Cisco UCS Director Application Containers. What occurs when you power-on an application container? 

A. All the VMs within the container will be configured to their corresponding apps. 

B. All the VMs within the container will be turned on. 

C. All the VMs within the container will be provisioned. 

D. All the VMs within the container will be refreshed and old copies will be deleted. 


Q29. Which two statements are true when ordering a three-tier application container on the Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Puppet Agent? (Choose two.) 

A. The Puppet Agent is temporarily installed on the VM to deploy application. 

B. The Puppet Agent is disabled during deployment of application. 

C. The puppet master is on the Cisco Prime Service Catalog. 

D. The puppet master is on the Cisco UCS Director. 

E. The Puppet Agent will be installed onto VMs via VIX in Cisco Prime Service Catalog. 

Answer: A,C 

Q30. A cloud administrator is tasked with cloning a catalog. Which two properties will be copied into the new catalog? (Choose two.) 

A. IP address 

B. name 


D. description 

E. attributes 

Answer: A,C