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2021 Mar 312-50 brain dumps

Q441. _______ is one of the programs used to wardial. 

A. DialIT 

B. Netstumbler 

C. TooPac 

D. Kismet 

E. ToneLoc 

Answer: E

Explanation: ToneLoc is one of the programs used to wardial. While this is considered an "old school" technique, it is still effective at finding backdoors and out of band network entry points. 

Q442. Which of the following is true of the wireless Service Set ID (SSID)? (Select all that apply.) 

A. Identifies the wireless network 

B. Acts as a password for network access 

C. Should be left at the factory default setting 

D. Not broadcasting the SSID defeats NetStumbler and other wireless discovery tools 

Answer: AB

Q443. What are the six types of social engineering?(Choose six). 

A. Spoofing 

B. Reciprocation 

C. Social Validation 

D. Commitment 

E. Friendship 

F. Scarcity 

G. Authority 

H. Accountability 

Answer: BCDEFG

Explanation: All social engineering is performed by taking advantage of human nature. For in-depth information on the subject review, read Robert Cialdini's book, Influence: Science and Practice. 

Q444. Josh is the network administrator for Consultants Galore, an IT consulting firm based in Kansas City. Josh is responsible for the company's entire network which consists of one Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain. Almost all employees have Remote Desktop access to the servers so they can perform their work duties. Josh has created a security group in Active Directory called "RDP Deny" which contains all the user accounts that should not have Remote Desktop permission to any of the servers. What Group Policy change can Jayson make to ensure that all users in the "RDP Deny" group cannot access the company servers through Remote Desktop? 

A. Josh should add the "RDP Deny" group into the list of Restricted Groups to prevent the users from accessing servers remotely. 

B. By adding the "RDP Deny" group to the "Deny logon as a service" policy, the users in that security group will not be able to establish remote connections to any of the servers. 

C. He should add the "RDP Deny" group to the "Deny RDP connections to member servers" policy. 

D. Josh needs to add the "RDP Deny" group to the "Deny logon through Terminal Services" policy. * 

Answer: D

New questions 

604. Which of the following countermeasure can specifically protect against both the MAC Flood and MAC Spoofing attacks? 

A. Configure Port Security on the switch 

B. Configure Port Recon on the switch 

C. Configure Switch Mapping 

D. Configure Multiple Recognition on the switch 

Answer: A

Leading 312-50 answers:

Q445. A specific site received 91 ICMP_ECHO packets within 90 minutes from 47 different sites. 77 of the ICMP_ECHO packets had an ICMP ID:39612 and Seq:57072. 13 of the ICMP_ECHO packets had an ICMP ID:0 and Seq:0. What can you infer from this information? 

A. The packets were sent by a worm spoofing the IP addresses of 47 infected sites B. ICMP ID and Seq numbers were most likely set by a tool and not by the operating system 

C. All 77 packets came from the same LAN segment and hence had the same ICMP ID and Seq number 

D. 13 packets were from an external network and probably behind a NAT, as they had an ICMP ID 0 and Seq 0 

Answer: B

Q446. Which of the following ICMP message types are used for destinations unreachables? 

A. 0 

B. 3 

C. 11 

D. 13 

E. 17 

Answer: B

Explanation: Type 3 messages are used for unreachable messages. 0 is Echo Reply, 8 is Echo request, 11 is time exceeded, 13 is timestamp and 17 is subnet mask request. Learning these would be advisable for the test. 

Q447. Steven the hacker realizes the network administrator of Acme Corporation is using syskey in Windows 2008 Server to protect his resources in the organization. Syskey independently encrypts the hashes so that physical access to the server, tapes, or ERDs is only first step to cracking the passwords. Steven must break through the encryption used by syskey before he can attempt to use brute force dictionary attacks on the hashes. Steven runs a program called "SysCracker" targeting the Windows 2008 Server machine in attempting to crack the hash used by Syskey. He needs to configure the encryption level before he can launch the attack. How many bits does Syskey use for encryption? 

A. 40-bit encryption 

B. 128-bit encryption 

C. 256-bit encryption 

D. 64-bit encryption 

Answer: B

Q448. You have chosen a 22 character word from the dictionary as your password. How long will it take to crack the password by an attacker? 

A. 5 minutes 

B. 23 days 

C. 200 years 

D. 16 million years 

Answer: A

Explanation: A dictionary password cracker simply takes a list of dictionary words, and one at a time encrypts them to see if they encrypt to the one way hash from the system. If the hashes are equal, the password is considered cracked, and the word tried from the dictionary list is the password. As long as you use a word found in or similar to a word found in a dictionary the password is considered to be weak. 

Q449. In an attempt to secure his wireless network, Bob implements a VPN to cover the wireless communications. Immediately after the implementation, users begin complaining about how slow the wireless network is. After benchmarking the network’s speed. Bob discovers that throughput has dropped by almost half even though the number of users has remained the same. 

Why does this happen in the VPN over wireless implementation? 

A. The stronger encryption used by the VPN slows down the network. 

B. Using a VPN with wireless doubles the overhead on an access point for all direct client to access point communications. 

C. VPNs use larger packets then wireless networks normally do. 

D. Using a VPN on wireless automatically enables WEP, which causes additional overhead. 

Answer: B

Explanation: By applying VPN the access point will have to recalculate all headers destined for client and from clients twice.