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2021 Apr 312-50 training

Q41. In what stage of Virus life does a stealth virus gets activated with the user performing certain actions such as running an infected program? 

A. Design 

B. Elimination 

C. Incorporation 

D. Replication 

E. Launch 

F. Detection 

Answer: E

Q42. Cyber Criminals have long employed the tactic of masking their true identity. In IP spoofing, an attacker gains unauthorized access to a computer or a network by making it appear that a malicious message has come from a trusted machine, by "spoofing" the IP address of that machine. 

How would you detect IP spoofing? 

A. Check the IPID of the spoofed packet and compare it with TLC checksum. If the numbers match then it is spoofed packet 

B. Probe a SYN Scan on the claimed host and look for a response SYN/FIN packet, if the connection completes then it is a spoofed packet 

C. Turn on 'Enable Spoofed IP Detection' in Wireshark, you will see a flag tick if the packet is spoofed 

D. Sending a packet to the claimed host will result in a reply. If the TTL in the reply is not the same as the packet being checked then it is a spoofed packet 

Answer: D

Q43. Nathalie would like to perform a reliable scan against a remote target. She is not concerned about being stealth at this point. Which of the following type of scans would be the most accurate and reliable? 

A. A FIN Scan 

B. A Half Scan 

C. A UDP Scan 

D. The TCP Connect Scan 

Answer: D

Explanation: The connect() system call provided by your operating system is used to open a connection to every interesting port on the machine. If the port is listening, connect() will succeed, otherwise the port isn't reachable. One strong advantage to this technique is that you don't need any special privileges. This is the fastest scanning method supported by nmap, and is available with the -t (TCP) option. The big downside is that this sort of scan is easily detectable and filterable. 

Q44. Lori is a Certified Ethical Hacker as well as a Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator working as an IT security consultant. Lori has been hired on by Kiley Innovators, a large marketing firm that recently underwent a string of thefts and corporate espionage incidents. Lori is told that a rival marketing company came out with an exact duplicate product right before Kiley Innovators was about to release it. The executive team believes that an employee is leaking information to the rival company. Lori questions all employees, reviews server logs, and firewall logs; after which she finds nothing. Lori is then given permission to search through the corporate email system. She searches by email being sent to and sent from the rival marketing company. 

She finds one employee that appears to be sending very large email to this other marketing company, even though they should have no reason to be communicating with them. Lori tracks down the actual emails sent and upon opening them, only finds picture files attached to them. These files seem perfectly harmless, usually containing some kind of joke. Lori decides to use some special software to further examine the pictures and finds that each one had hidden text that was stored in each picture. 

What technique was used by the Kiley Innovators employee to send information to the rival marketing company? 

A. The Kiley Innovators employee used cryptography to hide the information in the emails sent 

B. The method used by the employee to hide the information was logical watermarking 

C. The employee used steganography to hide information in the picture attachments 

D. By using the pictures to hide information, the employee utilized picture fuzzing 

Answer: C

Q45. A Buffer Overflow attack involves: 

A. Using a trojan program to direct data traffic to the target host's memory stack 

B. Flooding the target network buffers with data traffic to reduce the bandwidth available to legitimate users 

C. Using a dictionary to crack password buffers by guessing user names and passwords 

D. Poorly written software that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a target system 

Answer: D

Explanation: B is a denial of service. By flooding the data buffer in an application with trash you could get access to write in the code segment in the application and that way insert your own code. 

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Q46. What is GINA? 

A. Gateway Interface Network Application 

B. GUI Installed Network Application CLASS 

C. Global Internet National Authority (G-USA) 

D. Graphical Identification and Authentication DLL 

Answer: D

Explanation: In computing, GINA refers to the graphical identification and authentication library, a component of some Microsoft Windows operating systems that provides secure authentication and interactive logon services. 

Q47. Network Intrusion Detection systems can monitor traffic in real time on networks. 

Which one of the following techniques can be very effective at avoiding proper detection? 

A. Fragmentation of packets. 

B. Use of only TCP based protocols. 

C. Use of only UDP based protocols. 

D. Use of fragmented ICMP traffic only. 

Answer: A

Explanation: If the default fragmentation reassembly timeout is set to higher on the client than on the IDS then the it is possible to send an attack in fragments that will never be reassembled in the IDS but they will be reassembled and read on the client computer acting victim. 

Q48. What does black box testing mean? 

A. You have full knowledge of the environment 

B. You have no knowledge of the environment 

C. You have partial knowledge of the environment 

Answer: B

Explanation: Black box testing is conducted when you have no knowledge of the environment. It is more time consuming and expensive. 

Q49. Identify SQL injection attack from the HTTP requests shown below: 



C. wd%3d%27hAx0r%27%3b--%00 

D. ver.c0m%2fbadscript.js%22% 3e%3c%2fscript%3e 

Answer: C

Explantion: The correct answer contains the code to alter the usertable in order to change the password for user smith to hAx0r 

Q50. ________ is an automated vulnerability assessment tool. 

A. Whack a Mole 

B. Nmap 

C. Nessus 

D. Kismet 

E. Jill32 


Explanation: Nessus is a vulnerability assessment tool.