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2021 Jun 350-018 Study Guide Questions:

Q231. If ISE is not Layer 2 adjacent to the Wireless LAN Controller, which two options should be configured on the Wireless LAN Controller to profile wireless endpoints accurately? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure the Call Station ID Type to be: "IP Address". 

B. Configure the Call Station ID Type to be: "System MAC Address". 

C. Configure the Call Station ID Type to be: "MAC and IP Address". 

D. Enable DHCP Proxy. 

E. Disable DHCP Proxy. 

Answer: BE 

Q232. Which two statements about IPv6 are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Broadcast is available. 

B. Routing tables are less complicated. 

C. The address pool will eventually deplete. 

D. Data encryption is built into the packet frame. 

E. Increased NAT is.required. 

F. Fewer bits makes IPv6 easier to configure. 

Answer: BD 

Q233. Which two statements about IPS signatures are true? (Choose two.) 

A. All of the built-in signatures are enabled by default. 

B. Tuned signatures are built-in signatures whose parameters are adjusted. 

C. Once the signature is removed from the sensing engine it cannot be restored 

D. It is recommended not to retire a signature that is not being used because then it cannot be restored. 

E. It is possible to define custom signatures. 

Answer: BE 

350-018  free practice questions

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Q234. According to RFC-5426, syslog senders must support sending syslog message datagrams to which port? 

A. TCP port 514 

B. UDP port 514 

C. TCP port 69 

D. UDP port 69 

E. TCP port 161 

F. UDP port 161 

Answer: B 

Q235. As defined by Cisco TrustSec, which EAP method is used for Network Device Admission Control authentication? 





Answer: A 

Q236. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which statement is true? 

A. This packet decoder is using relative TCP sequence numbering?. 

B. This TCP client is proposing the use of TCP window scaling?. 

C. This packet represents an active FTP data session?. 

D. This packet contains no TCP payload. 

Answer: D

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Q237. The address of an inside client is translated from a private address to a public address by a NAT router for access to an outside web server. What term describes the destination address (client) after the outside web server responds, and before it hits the NAT router? 

A. inside local 

B. inside global 

C. outside local 

D. outside global 

Answer: B 

Q238. What transport protocol and port are used by GDOI for its IKE sessions that are established between the group members and the key server? 

A. UDP port 848 

B. TCP port 848 

C. ESP port 51 

D. SSL port 443 

E. UDP port 4500 

Answer: A 

Q239. Which four attributes are identified in an X.509v3 basic certificate field? (Choose four.) 

A. key usage 

B. certificate serial number 

C. issuer 

D. subject name 

E. signature algorithm identifier 

F. CRL distribution points 

G. subject alt name 

Answer: BCDE 

Q240. Which two statements about the AES algorithm are true? (Choose two) 

A. The AES algorithm is an asymmetric block cipher. 

B. The AES algorithm operates on a 128-bits block. 

C. The AES algorithm uses a fixed length-key of 128 bits. 

D. The AES algorithm does not give any advantage over 3DES due to the same key length. 

E. The AES algorithm consist of four functions. Three functions provide confusion-diffusion and one provides encryption. 

Answer: BE