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2021 Jun cisco 350-018 vce:

Q211. Which statement is true about the TFTP protocol? 

A. The client is unable to get a directory listing from the server. 

B. The client is unable to create a new file on a server. 

C. The client needs to log in with a username and password. 

D. The client needs to log in using "anonymous" as a username and specifying an email address as a password. 

Answer: A 

Q212. Which two statements about VTP passwords are true? (Choose two) 

A. The VTP password can only be configured when the switch is in Server mode. 

B. The VTP password is sent in the summary advertisements.. 

C. The VTP password is encrypted for confidentiality using 3DES. 

D. VTP is not required to be configured on all switches in the domain. 

E. The VTP password is hashed to preserve authenticity using the MD5 algorithm. 

F. The VTP password can only be configured when the switch is in Client mode. 

Answer: BE 

Q213. Which statement about the distributed SYN flood attack is true? 

A. A distributed SYN flood attack is carried out only by the valid address. 

B. A distributed SYN flood attack is carried out only by spoofed addresses. 

C. Botnet could be used to launch a distributed SYN flood attack. 

D. A distributed SYN flood attack does not completely deplete TCBs SYN-Received state backlog. 

E. A distributed SYN flood attack is the most effective SYN flood attack because it targets server memory. 

Answer: C 

Q214. Which four statements about SeND for IPv6 are correct? (Choose four.) 

A. It protects against rogue RAs. 

B. NDP exchanges are protected by IPsec SAs and provide for anti-replay. 

C. It defines secure extensions for NDP. 

D. It authorizes routers to advertise certain prefixes. 

E. It provides a method for secure default router election on hosts. 

F. Neighbor identity protection is provided by Cryptographically Generated Addresses that are derived from a Diffie-Hellman key exchange. 

G. It is facilitated by the Certification Path Request and Certification Path Response ND messages. 

Answer: ACDE 

Q215. Which option on the Cisco ASA appliance must be enabled when implementing botnet traffic filtering? 

A. HTTP inspection 

B. static entries in the botnet blacklist and whitelist 

C. global ACL 

D. NetFlow 

E. DNS inspection and DNS snooping 

Answer: E 


Renewal examcollection 350-018:

Q216. Which three RADIUS protocol statements are true? (Choose three.) 

A. RADIUS protocol runs over TCP 1645 and 1646. 

B. Network Access Server operates as a server for RADIUS. 

C. RADIUS packet types for authentication include Access-Request, Access-Challenge, Access-Accept, and Access-Reject. 

D. RADIUS protocol runs over UDP 1812 and 1813. 

E. RADIUS packet types for authentication include Access-Request, Access-Challenge, Access-Permit, and Access-Denied. 

F. RADIUS supports PPP, PAP, and CHAP as authentication methods. 

Answer: CDF 

Q217. Which three statements about the RSA algorithm are true? (Choose three.) 

A. The RSA algorithm provides encryption but not authentication. 

B. The RSA algorithm provides authentication but not encryption. 

C. The RSA algorithm creates a pair of public-private keys that are shared by entities that perform encryption. 

D. The private key is never sent across after it is generated. 

E. The public key is used to decrypt the message that was encrypted by the private key. 

F. The private key is used to decrypt the message that was encrypted by the public key. 

Answer: CDF 

Q218. Which statement about a botnet attack is true? 

A. The botnet attack is an attack on a firewall to disable it's filtering ability. 

B. The botnet attack is a network sweeping attack to find hosts that are alive alive behind the filtering device. 

C. The botnet attack is a collection of infected computers that launch automated attacks. 

D. The owner of the infected computer willingly participates in automated attacks. 

E. The botnet attack enhances the efficiency of the computer for effective automated attacks. 

Answer: C 

Q219. Which four protocols are supported by Cisco IOS Management Plane Protection? (Choose four.) 

A. Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) 

B. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) 

C. Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) 

D. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) 

E. Secure Shell (SSH) 

F. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 

Answer: ABEF 

Q220. Which three statements are true about the SSH protocol? (Choose three.) 

A. SSH protocol runs over TCP port 23. 

B. SSH protocol provides for secure remote login and other secure network services over an insecure network. 

C. Telnet is more secure than SSH for remote terminal access. 

D. SSH protocol runs over UDP port 22. 

E. SSH transport protocol provides for authentication, key exchange, confidentiality, and integrity. 

F. SSH authentication protocol supports public key, password, host based, or none as authentication methods. 

Answer: BEF