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Q241. Which layer of the OSI model is referenced when utilizing http inspection on the Cisco ASA to filter Instant Messaging or Peer to Peer networks with the Modular Policy Framework? 

A. application layer 

B. presentation layer 

C. network layer 

D. transport layer 

Answer: A 

Q242. A frame relay PVC at router HQ has a CIR of 768 kb/s and the frame relay PVC at router branch office has a CIR of 384 kb/s. Which QoS mechanism can best be used to ease the data congestion and data loss due to the CIR speed mismatch? 

A. traffic policing at the HQ 

B. traffic policing at the branch office 

C. traffic shaping at the HQ 

D. traffic shaping at the branch office 

E. LLQ at the HQ 

F. LLQ at the branch office 

Answer: C 

Q243. Which statement is true about IKEv2 preshared key authentication between two peers? 

A. IKEv2 allows usage of different preshared keys for local and remote authentication. 

B. IKEv2 allows usage of only one preshared key. 

C. IKEv2 allows usage of only one preshared key and only in hub-and-spoke topology. 

D. IKEv2 does not allow usage of preshared key authentication. 

Answer: A 

Q244. A network administrator uses a LAN analyzer to troubleshoot OSPF router exchange messages sent to all OSPF routers. To which one of these MAC addresses are these messages sent? 

A. 00-00-1C-EF-00-00 

B. 01-00-5E-00-00-05 

C. 01-00-5E-EF-00-00 

D. EF-FF-FF-00-00-05 

E. EF-00-00-FF-FF-FF 


Answer: B 

Q245. In ISO 27001 ISMS, which three of these certification process phases are required to collect information for ISO 27001? (Choose three.) 

A. discover 

B. certification audit 

C. post-audit 

D. observation 

E. pre-audit 

F. major compliance 

Answer: BCE 

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Q246. Which two security measures are provided when you configure 802.1X on switchports that connect to corporate-controlled wireless access points? (Choose two.) 

A. It prevents rogue APs from being wired into the network. 

B. It provides encryption capability of data traffic between APs and controllers. 

C. It prevents rogue clients from accessing the wired network. 

D. It ensures that 802.1x requirements for wired PCs can no longer be bypassed by disconnecting the AP and connecting a PC in its place. 

Answer: AD 

Q247. DNSSEC was designed to overcome which security limitation of DNS? 

A. DNS man-in-the-middle attacks 

B. DNS flood attacks 

C. DNS fragmentation attacks 

D. DNS hash attacks 

E. DNS replay attacks 

F. DNS violation attacks 

Answer: A 

Q248. Which three statements about the keying methods used by MACSec are true? (Choose three.) 

A. Key management for host-to-switch and switch-to-switch MACSec sessions is provided by MKA. 

B. A valid mode for SAP is NULL. 

C. MKA is implemented as an EAPoL packet exchange. 

D. SAP is enabled by default for Cisco TrustSec in manual configuration mode. 

E. SAP is not supported on switch SVIs. 

F. SAP is supported on SPAN destination ports. 

Answer: BCE 

Q249. How are the username and password transmitted if a basic HTTP authentication is used? 

A. Base64 encoded username and password 

B. MD5 hash of the combined username and password 

C. username in cleartext and MD5 hash of the password 

D. cleartext username and password 

Answer: A 

Q250. Which statement describes an IPv6 benefit? 

A. Broadcast is not available. 

B. Routing tables are more complicated. 

C. The address pool is limited. 

D. Data encryption is not built into the packet frame. 

E. Increased NAT is required. 

Answer: A