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2021 Jul 350-018 actual test:

Q251. Which item is not authenticated by ESP? 

A. ESP header 

B. ESP trailer 

C. New IP header 

D. Original IP header 

E. Data 

F. TCP-UDP header 

Answer: C 

Q252. Which technology, configured on the Cisco ASA, allows Active Directory authentication credentials to be applied automatically to web forms that require authentication for clientless SSL connections? 

A. one-time passwords 

B. certificate authentication 

C. user credentials obtained during authentication 

D. Kerberos authentication 

Answer: C 

Q253. Which method of output queuing is supported on the Cisco ASA appliance? 


B. priority queuing 



E. custom queuing 

Answer: B 

Q254. Which three options correctly describe the AH protocol? (Choose three.) 

A. The AH protocol encrypts the entire IP and upper layer protocols for security. 

B. The AH protocol provides connectionless integrity and data origin authentication. 

C. The AH protocol provides protection against replay attacks. 

D. The AH protocol supports tunnel mode only. 

E. The AH protocol uses IP protocol 51. 

F. The AH protocol supports IPv4 only. 

Answer: BCE 

Q255. Which three attributes may be configured as part of the Common Tasks panel of an authorization profile in the Cisco ISE solution? (Choose three.) 


B. voice VLAN 

C. dACL name 

D. voice domain permission 


Answer: ACD 


Up to the immediate present 350-018 pass4sure latest version:

Q256. Which Cisco ASA feature can be used to update non-compliant antivirus/antispyware definition files on an AnyConnect client? 

A. dynamic access policies 

B. dynamic access policies with Host Scan and advanced endpoint assessment 

C. Cisco Secure Desktop 

D. advanced endpoint assessment 

Answer: B 

Q257. In order to reassemble IP fragments into a complete IP datagram, which three IP header fields are referenced by the receiver? (Choose three.) 

A. don't fragment flag 

B. packet is fragmented flag 

C. IP identification field 

D. more fragment flag 

E. number of fragments field 

F. fragment offset field 

Answer: CDF 

Q258. Which three statements are true about TLS? (Choose three.) 

A. TLS protocol uses a MAC to protect the message integrity. 

B. TLS data encryption is provided by the use of asymmetric cryptography. 

C. The identity of a TLS peer can be authenticated using public key or asymmetric cryptography. 

D. TLS protocol is originally based on the SSL 3.0 protocol specification. 

E. TLS provides support for confidentiality, authentication, and nonrepudiation. 

Answer: ACD 

Q259. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which three statements are true? (Choose three.) 

A. Because of a "root delay" of 0ms, this router is probably receiving its time directly from a Stratum 0 or 1 GPS reference clock. 

B. This router has correctly synchronized its clock to its NTP master. 

C. The NTP server is running authentication and should be trusted as a valid time source. 

D. Specific local time zones have not been configured on this router. 

E. This router will not act as an NTP server for requests from other devices. 

Answer: BCE 

Q260. When is the supplicant considered to be clientless? 

A. when the authentication server does not have credentials to authenticate. 

B. when the authenticator is missing the dot1x guest VLAN under the port with which the supplicant is connected. 

C. when the supplicant fails EAP-MD5 challenge with the authentication server. 

D. when the supplicant fails to respond to EAPOL messages from the authenticator. 

E. when the authenticator is missing the reauthentication timeout configuration under the port with which the supplicant is connected. 

Answer: D