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2021 Jul ccie security 350-018:

Q81. Refer to the exhibit. 

If SW4 is sending superior BPDUs, where should the root guard feature be configured to preserve SW3 as a root bridge? 

A. SW4 Gi0/0 interface. 

B. Sw3 Gi0/0 interface. 

C. Sw2 Gi0/1 interface. 

D. SW2 Gi0/1 and SW3 Gi0/1 

Answer: C 

Q82. Which IPS module can be installed on the Cisco ASA 5520 appliance? 





E. IDSM-2 

Answer: B 

Q83. Which domain is used for a reverse lookup of IPv4 addresses? 





Answer: A 

Q84. Which three statements about VXLANs are true? (Choose three.) 

A. It requires that IP protocol 8472 be opened to allow traffic through a firewall. 

B. Layer 2 frames are encapsulated in IP, using a VXLAN ID to identify the source VM. 

C. A VXLAN gateway maps VXLAN IDs to VLAN IDs. 

D. IGMP join messages are sent by new VMs to determine the VXLAN multicast IP. 

E. A VXLAN ID is a 32-bit value. 

Answer: BCD 

Q85. In HTTPS session establishment, what does the server hello message inform the client? 

A. that the server will accept only HTTPS traffic 

B. which versions of SSL/TLS the server will accept 

C. which ciphersuites the client may choose from 

D. which ciphersuite the server has chosen to use 

E. the PreMaster secret to use in generating keys 

Answer: D 

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Q86. Refer to the exhibit. 

Identify the behavior of the ACL if it is applied inbound on E0/0. 

A. The ACL will drop both initial and noninitial fragments for port 80 only. 

B. The ACL will pass both initial and noninitial fragments for port 80 only. 

C. The ACL will pass the initial fragment for port 80 but drop the noninitial fragment for any port. 

D. The ACL will drop the initial fragment for port 80 but pass the noninitial fragment for any port. 

Answer: C 

Q87. During the establishment of an Easy VPN tunnel, when is XAUTH performed? 

A. at the end of IKEv1 Phase 2 

B. at the beginning of IKEv1 Phase 1 

C. at the end of Phase 1 and before Phase 2 starts in IKEv1 and IKEv2 

D. at the end of Phase 1 and before Phase 2 starts in IKEv1 

Answer: D 

Q88. In an 802.11 wireless network, what would an attacker have to spoof to initiate a deauthentication attack against connected clients? 

A. the BSSID of the AP where the clients are currently connected 

B. the SSID of the wireless network 

C. the MAC address of the target client machine 

D. the broadcast address of the wireless network 

Answer: A 

Q89. Which multicast capability is not supported by the Cisco ASA appliance? 

A. ASA configured as a rendezvous point 

B. sending multicast traffic across a VPN tunnel 

C. NAT of multicast traffic 

D. IGMP forwarding (stub) mode 

Answer: B 

Q90. Which three statements are true regarding the EIGRP update message? (Choose three.) 

A. Updates require an acknowledgement with an ACK message. 

B. Updates can be sent to the multicast address 

C. Updates are sent as unicasts when they are retransmitted. 

D. Updates always include all routes known by the router with partial updates sent in the Reply message. 

E. ACKs for updates are handled by TCP mechanisms. 

Answer: ABC