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2021 Jul download 350-018:

Q161. Which NTP stratum level means that the clock is unsynchronized? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 8 

D. 16 

Answer: D 

Q162. A Cisco IOS router is configured as follows: 

ip dns spoofing 

What will the router respond with when it receives a DNS query for its own host name? 

A. The router will respond with the IP address of the incoming interface. 

B. The router will respond with only if the outside interface is down. 

C. The router will respond with 

D. The router will ignore the DNS query and forward it directly to the DNS server. 

Answer: A 

Q163. Refer to the exhibit. 

Identify the behavior of the ACL if it is applied inbound on E0/0. 

A. The ACL will drop both initial and noninitial fragments for port 80 only. 

B. The ACL will pass both initial and non-initial fragments for port 80 only. 

C. The ACL will pass the initial fragment for port 80 but drop the noninitial fragment for any port. 

D. The ACL will drop the initial fragment for port 80 but pass the noninitial fragment for any port. 

Answer: B 

Q164. Which traffic class is defined for non-business-relevant applications and receives any bandwidth that remains after QoS policies have been applied? 

A. scavenger class 

B. best effort 

C. discard eligible 

D. priority queued 

Answer: A 

Q165. Which two identifiers are used by a Cisco Easy VPN Server to reference the correct group policy information for connecting a Cisco Easy VPN Client? (Choose two.) 


B. OU field in a certificate that is presented by a client 

C. XAUTH username 

D. hash of the OTP that is sent during XAUTH challenge/response 


Answer: AB 

350-018  practice exam

Down to date 350-018 v4.0:

Q166. According to RFC 4890, which four ICMPv6 types are recommended to be allowed to transit a firewall? (Choose four.) 

A. Type 1 - destination unreachable 

B. Type 2 - packet too big 

C. Type 3 - time exceeded 

D. Type 0 - echo reply 

E. Type 8 - echo request 

F. Type 4 - parameter problem 

Answer: ABCF 

Q167. Which option correctly describes the security enhancement added for OSPFv3? 

A. The AuType field in OSPFv3 now supports the more secure SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms in addition to MD5. 

B. The AuType field is removed from the OSPFv3 header since simple password authentication is no longer an option. 

C. The Authentication field in OSPFv3 is increased from 64 bits to 128 bits to accommodate more secure authentication algorithms. 

D. Both the AuType and Authentication fields are removed from the OSPF header in OSPFv3, since now it relies on the IPv6 Authentication Header (AH) and IPv6 Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) to provide integrity, authentication, and/or confidentiality.? 

E. The Authentication field is removed from the OSPF header in OSPFv3, because OSPFv3 must only run inside of an authenticated IPSec tunnel. 

Answer: D 

Q168. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which three command sets are required to complete this IPv6 IPsec site-to-site VTI? (Choose three.) 

A. interface Tunnel0 tunnel mode ipsec ipv6 

B. crypto isakmp-profile match identity address ipv6 any 

C. interface Tunnel0 ipv6 enable 

D. ipv6 unicast-routing 

E. interface Tunnel0 ipv6 enable-ipsec 

Answer: ACD 

Q169. EAP-MD5 provides one-way client authentication. The server sends the client a random challenge. The client proves its identity by hashing the challenge and its password with MD5. What is the problem with EAP-MD5? 

A. EAP-MD5 is vulnerable to dictionary attack over an open medium and to spoofing because there is no server authentication. 

B. EAP-MD5 communication must happen over an encrypted medium, which makes it operationally expensive. 

C. EAP-MD5 is CPU-intensive on the devices. 

D. EAP-MD5 not used by RADIUS protocol. 

Answer: A 

Q170. Which two statements about the SHA-1 algorithm are true? (Choose two) 

A. The.SHA-1 algorithm is considered secure because it always produces a unique hash for the same message. 

B. The SHA-1 algorithm takes input message of any length and produces 160-bit hash output. 

C. The SHA-1 algorithm is considered secure because it is possible to find a message from its hash. 

D. The purpose of the SHA-1 algorithm is to provide data confidentiality. 

E. The purpose of the SHA-1 algorithm is to provide data authenticity. 

Answer: BE