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2021 Jul latest actual test 350-018:

Q271. Refer to the exhibit. 

What is the cause of the issue that is reported in this debug output? 

A. The identity of the peer is not acceptable. 

B. There is an esp transform mismatch. 

C. There are mismatched ACLs on remote and local peers. 

D. The SA lifetimes are set to 0. 

Answer: C 

Q272. Which Cisco IPS appliance signature engine defines events that occur in a related manner, within a sliding time interval, as components of a combined signature? 

A. Service engine 

B. Sweep engine 

C. Multistring engine 

D. Meta engine 

Answer: D 

Q273. Which three statements about Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol are true? (Choose three.) 

A. SXP runs on UDP port 64999. 

B. A connection is established between a "listener" and a "speaker." 

C. It propagates the IP-to-SGT binding table across network devices that do not have the ability to perform SGT tagging at Layer.2 to devices that support it. 

D. SXP is supported across multiple hops. 

E. SXPv2 introduces connection security via TLS. 

Answer: BCD 

Q274. Which three HTTP header fields can be classified by NBAR for request messages? (Choose three.) 

A. User-Agent 

B. Server 

C. Referrer 

D. Content-Encoding 

E. Location 

F. From 

Answer: ACF 

Q275. Which would be the best method to deploy on a Cisco ASA to detect and prevent viruses and worms? 

A. deep packet inspection 

B. content security via the Control Security Services Module 

C. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding 

D. IP audit signatures 

Answer: B

Renovate 350-018 cisco press:

Q276. What is the function of this command? 

switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky 

A. It allows the switch to restrict the MAC addresses on the switch port, based on the static 

MAC addresses configured in the startup configuration. 

B. It allows the administrator to manually configure the secured MAC addresses on the switch port. 

C. It allows the switch to permanently store the secured MAC addresses in the MAC address table (CAM table). 

D. It allows the switch to perform sticky learning, in which the dynamically learned MAC addresses are copied from the MAC address table (CAM table) to the startup configuration. 

E. It allows the switch to dynamically learn the MAC addresses on the switch port, and the MAC addresses will be added to the running configuration 

Answer: E 

Q277. What is the purpose of the BGP TTL security check? 

A. The BGP TTL security check is used for iBGP session. 

B. The BGP TTL security check protects against CPU utilization-based attacks. 

C. The BGP TTL security check checks for a TTL value in packet header of less than or equal to for successful peering. 

D. The BGP TTL security check authenticates a peer. 

E. The BGP TTL security check protects against routing table corruption. 

Answer: B 

Q278. Which authentication scheme, that is supported on the Cisco ASA, generates a unique key that is used in a single password challenge? 

A. one-time passwords 

B. disposable certificates 

C. password management 

D. Capcha web text 

Answer: A 

Q279. Which option is representative of automatic IP addressing in IPv4? 

A. 10.1.x.x 

B. 172.10.1.x 

C. 169.254.x.x 

D. 196.245.x.x 

E. 128.1.1.x 

F. 127.1.x.x 

Answer: C 

Q280. Before BGP update messages may be sent, a neighbor must stabilize into which neighbor state? 

A. Active 

B. Idle 

C. Connected 

D. Established 

Answer: D