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2021 Aug 350-018 security:

Q181. Which additional capability was added in IGMPv3? 

A. leave group messages support 

B. source filtering support 

C. group-specific host membership queries support 

D. IPv6 support 

E. authentication support between the multicast receivers and the last hop router 

Answer: B 

Q182. Refer to the exhibit. 

What does this configuration prevent? 

A. HTTP downloads of files with the ".bat" extension on all interfaces 

B. HTTP downloads of files with the ".batch" extension on the inside interface 

C. FTP commands of GET or PUT for files with the ".bat" extension on all interfaces 

D. FTP commands of GET or PUT for files with the ".batch" extension on the inside interface 

Answer: C 

Q183. Which statement about the Cisco NAC CAS is true? 

A. The Cisco NAC CAS acts as a gateway between untrusted networks. 

B. The Cisco NAC CAS can only operate as an in-band real IP gateway. 

C. The Cisco NAC CAS can operate as an out-of-band virtual gateway. 

D. The Cisco NAC CAS is an administration and monitoring server. 

Answer: C 

Q184. Which three types of traffic are processed by CoPP configured on the device? (Choose three.) 

A. tansient traffic 

B. routing protocol traffic 

C. IPsec traffic 

D. traffic that is destined to the device interface 

E. any traffic filtered by the access list 

F. traffic from a management protocol such as Telnet or SNMP 

Answer: BDF 

Q185. Which statement regarding the routing functions of the Cisco ASA is true? 

A. The translation table can override the routing table for new connections. 

B. The ASA supports policy-based routing with route maps?. 

C. In a failover pair of ASAs, the standby firewall establishes a peer relationship with OSPF neighbors. 

D. Routes to the Null0 interface can be configured to black-hole traffic. 

Answer: A 

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Most up-to-date 350-018 security:

Q186. Which four techniques can you use for IP management plane security? (Choose four.) 

A. Management Plane Protection 

B. uRPF 

C. strong passwords 


E. SNMP security measures 

F. MD5 authentication 

Answer: ACDE 

Q187. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which message of the ISAKMP exchange is failing? 

A. main mode 1 

B. main mode 3 

C. aggressive mode 1 

D. main mode 5 

E. aggressive mode 2 

Answer: B 

Q188. In the context of a botnet, what is true regarding a command and control server? 

A. It can launch an attack using IRC or Twitter. 

B. It is another name for a zombie. 

C. It is used to generate a worm. 

D. It sends the command to the botnets via adware. 

Answer: A 

Q189. Which three statements about the TACACS protocol are correct? (Choose three.) 

A. TACACS+ is an IETF standard protocol. 

B. TACACS+ uses TCP port 47 by default. 

C. TACACS+ is considered to be.more secure than the RADIUS protocol. 

D. TACACS+ can support authorization and accounting while having another separate authentication solution. 

E. TACACS+ only encrypts the.password of the.user.for security. 

F. TACACS+ supports per-user or per-group for authorization of router commands. 

Answer: CDF 

Q190. Which two EIGRP packet types are considered to be unreliable packets? (Choose two.) 

A. update 

B. query 

C. reply 

D. hello 

E. acknowledgement 

Answer: DE