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2021 Sep pass4sure ccie 350-018:

Q121. Refer to the exhibit. 

According to this DHCP packet header, which field is populated by a DHCP relay agent with its own IP address before the DHCPDISCOVER message is forwarded to the DHCP server? 

A. ciaddr 

B. yiaddr 

C. siaddr 

D. giaddr 

Answer: D 

Q122. Which three features are supported with ESP? (Choose three.) 

A. ESP uses IP protocol 50. 

B. ESP supports Layer 4 and above encryption only. 

C. ESP provides confidentiality, data origin authentication, connectionless integrity, and antireplay service. 

D. ESP supports tunnel or transport modes. 

E. ESP has less overhead and is faster than the AH protocol. 

F. ESP provides confidentiality, data origin authentication, connection-oriented integrity, and antireplay service. 

Answer: ACD 

Q123. Which two address translation types can map a group of private addresses to a smaller group of public addresses? (Choose two.) 

A. static NAT 

B. dynamic NAT 

C. dynamic NAT with overloading 



Answer: CD 

Q124. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which statement about the exhibit is true? 

A. The tunnel configuration is incomplete and the DMVPN session will fail between R1 and R2. 

B. IPsec phase-2 will fail to negotiate due to a mismatch in parameters. 

C. A DMVPN session will establish between R1 and R2 provided that the BGP and EIGRP configurations are correct. 

D. A DMVPN session will establish between R1 and R2 provided that the BGP configuration is correct. 

E. A DMVPN session will fail to establish because R2 is missing the ISAKMP peer address. 

Answer: C 

Q125. When is a connection entry created on ASA for a packet that is received on the ingress interface? 

A. When the packet is checked by the access-list. 

B. When the packet reaches the ingress interface internal buffer. 

C. When the packet is a SYN packet or UDP packet. 

D. When a translation rule exists for the packet. 

E. When the packet is subjected to inspection. 

Answer: D 

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Up to date latest actual test 350-018:

Q126. What are two uses of an RSA algorithm? (Choose two.) 

A. data encryption 

B. digital signature verification 

C. shared key generation 

D. message hashing 

Answer: AB 

Q127. Troubleshooting the web authentication fallback feature on a Cisco Catalyst switch shows that clients with the 802.1X supplicant are able to authenticate, but clients without the supplicant are not able to use web authentication. Which configuration option will correct this issue? 

A. switch(config)# aaa accounting auth-proxy default start-stop group radius 

B. switch(config-if)# authentication host-mode multi-auth 

C. switch(config-if)# webauth 

D. switch(config)# ip http server 

E. switch(config-if)# authentication priority webauth dot1x 

Answer: D 

Q128. Which current RFC made RFCs 2409, 2407, and 2408 obsolete? 

A. RFC 4306 

B. RFC 2401 

C. RFC 5996 

D. RFC 4301 

E. RFC 1825 

Answer: C 

Q129. Which statement best describes the concepts of rootkits and privilege escalation? 

A. Rootkits propagate themselves. 

B. Privilege escalation is the result of a rootkit. 

C. Rootkits are a result of a privilege escalation. 

D. Both of these require a TCP port to gain access. 

Answer: B 

Q130. What is the purpose of the OCSP protocol? 

A. checks the revocation status of a digital certificate 

B. submits a certificate signing request 

C. verifies a signature of a digital certificate 

D. protects a digital certificate with its private key 

Answer: A