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2021 Oct testking 350-018 latest version:

Q71. Which two methods are used for forwarding traffic to the Cisco ScanSafe Web Security service? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client with Web Security and ScanSafe subscription 

B. Cisco ISR G2 Router with SECK9 and ScanSafe subscription 

C. Cisco ASA adaptive security appliance using DNAT policies to forward traffic to ScanSafe subscription servers 

D. Cisco Web Security Appliance with ScanSafe subscription 

Answer: BC 

Q72. Which mode of operation must be enabled on CSM to support roles such as Network Administrator, Approver, Network Operator, and Help Desk? 

A. Deployment Mode 

B. Activity Mode 

C. Workflow Mode 

D. User Roles Mode 

E. Administration Mode 

F. Network Mode 

Answer: C 

Q73. Which three statements are true about MACsec? (Choose three.) 

A. It supports GCM modes of AES and 3DES. 

B. It is defined under IEEE 802.1AE. 

C. It provides hop-by-hop encryption at Layer 2. 

D. MACsec expects a strict order of frames to prevent anti-replay. 

E. MKA is used for session and encryption key management. 

F. It uses EAP PACs to distribute encryption keys. 

Answer: BCE 

Q74. Which statement about the prelogin assessment module in Cisco Secure Desktop is true? 

A. It assigns an IP address to the remote device after successful authentication. 

B. It checks for any viruses on the remote device and reports back to the security appliance. 

C. It checks the presence or absence of specified files on the remote device. 

D. It clears the browser cache on the remote device after successful authentication. 

E. It quarantines the remote device for further assessment if specific registry keys are found. 

Answer: C 

Q75. Which three statements are true about DES? (Choose three.) 

A. A 56-bit key is used to encrypt 56-bit blocks of plaintext. 

B. A 56-bit key is used to encrypt 64-bit blocks of plaintext. 

C. Each block of plaintext is processed through 16 rounds of identical operations. 

D. Each block of plaintext is processed through 64 rounds of identical operations. 

E. ECB, CBC, and CBF are modes of DES. 

F. Each Block of plaintext is processed through 8 rounds of identical operations. 

G. CTR, CBC, and OFB are modes of DES. 

Answer: BCE 

350-018  latest exam

Far out 350-018 actual test:

Q76. In order to implement CGA on a Cisco IOS router for SeND, which three configuration steps are required? (Choose three.) 

A. Generate an RSA key pair. 

B. Define a site-wide pre-shared key. 

C. Define a hash algorithm that is used to generate the CGA. 

D. Generate the CGA modifier. 

E. Assign a CGA link-local or globally unique address to the interface. 

F. Define an encryption algorithm that is used to generate the CGA. 

Answer: ADE 

Q77. What is a primary function of the SXP protocol? 

A. to extend a TrustSec domain on switches that do not support packet tagging with SGTs 

B. to map the SGT tag to VLAN information 

C. to allow the SGT tagged packets to be transmitted on trunks 

D. to exchange the SGT information between different TrustSec domains 

Answer: A 

Q78. A Cisco Easy VPN software client is unable to access its local LAN devices once the VPN tunnel is established. What is the best way to solve this issue? 

A. The IP address that is assigned by the Cisco Easy VPN Server to the client must be on the same network as the local LAN of the client. 

B. The Cisco Easy VPN Server should apply split-tunnel-policy excludespecified with a split-tunnel-list containing the local LAN addresses that are relevant to the client. 

C. The Cisco Easy VPN Server must push down an interface ACL that permits the traffic to the local LAN from the client. 

D. The Cisco Easy VPN Server should apply a split-tunnel-policy tunnelall policy to the client. 

E. The Cisco Easy VPN client machine needs to have multiple NICs to support this. 

Answer: B 

Q79. Which three statements about NetFlow version 9 are correct? (Choose three.) 

A. It is backward-compatible with versions 8 and 5. 

B. Version 9 is dependent on the underlying transport; only UDP is supported. 

C. A version 9 export packet consists of a packet header and flow sets. 

D. Generating and maintaining valid template flow sets requires additional processing. 

E. NetFlow version 9 does not access the NetFlow cache entry directly. 

Answer: CDE 

Q80. Refer to the exhibit. 

What is this configuration designed to prevent? 

A. Man in the Middle Attacks 

B. DNS Inspection 

C. Backdoor control channels for infected hosts 

D. Dynamic payload inspection 

Answer: C