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2021 Oct 350-018 exam fee:

Q31. Which four techniques can you use for IP data plane security? (Choose four.) 

A. Control Plane Policing 

B. interface ACLs 

C. uRPF 

D. MD5 authentication 


F. QoS 

Answer: BCEF 

Q32. Which protocol provides the same functions in IPv6 that IGMP provides in IPv4 networks? 

A. ICMPv6 

B. ND 




Q33. Which protocol can be used to encrypt traffic sent over a GRE tunnel? 



C. IPsec 

D. DH 



Q34. Which two options represent definitions that are found in the syslog protocol (RFC 5426)? (Choose two.) 

A. Syslog message transport is reliable. 

B. Each syslog datagram must contain only one message. 

C. IPv6 syslog receivers must be able to receive datagrams of up to 1180 bytes. 

D. Syslog messages must be prioritized with an IP precedence of 7. 

E. Syslog servers must use NTP for the accurate time stamping of message arrival. 

Answer: BC 

Q35. Which of these is a core function of the risk assessment process? (Choose one.) 

A. performing regular network upgrades 

B. performing network optimization 

C. performing network posture validation 

D. establishing network baselines 

E. prioritizing network roll-outs 


Renew 350-018 questions & answers:

Q36. Which label is advertised by an LSR to inform neighboring LSRs to perform the penultimate hop popping operation? 

A. 0x00 

B. php 

C. swap 

D. push 

E. imp-null 


Q37. Which three multicast features are supported on the Cisco ASA? (Choose three.) 

A. PIM sparse mode? 

B. IGMP forwarding? 

C. Auto-RP 

D. NAT of multicast traffic? 

Answer: ABD 

Q38. Which three NAT types support bidirectional traffic initiation? (Choose three.) 

A. static NAT 

B. NAT exemption 

C. policy NAT with nat/global 

D. static PAT 

E. identity NAT 

Answer: ABD 

Q39. For which two reasons BVI is required in the Transparent Cisco IOS Firewall? (Choose two) 

A. BVI is required for the inspection of IP traffic. 

B. The firewall can perform routing on bridged interfaces. 

C. BVI is required if routing is disabled on the firewall. 

D. BVI is required if more than two interfaces are in a bridge group. 

E. BVI is required for the inspection of non-IP traffic. 

F. BVI can manage the device without having an interface that is configured for routing. 

Answer: DF 

Q40. Which IPV4 header field increments every time when packet is sent from a source to a destination? 

A. Flag 

B. Fragment Offset 

C. Identification 

D. Time To Live