Exam Code: 350-080 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CCIE Data Center Written Exam
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 Jun 350-080 Study Guide Questions:

Q131. Refer to exhibit.

The interface remains in a down state. What is the cause of the problem?

A. The Feature interface-vlan command must be configured.

B. The command copy run start was not entered.

C. There are IP address conflicts.

D. The VDC is type “OTV”.

E. The VDC contains only F1 interfaces.

Answer: E

Q132. Which of these commands will allow you to set end-host mode for SAN connectivity?

A. UCS-A # scope fc-uplinkUCS-A /fc-uplink # set mode end-hostUCS-A /fc-uplink* # commit-buffer

B. UCS-A# scope eth-uplinkUCS-A /eth-uplink # set mode end-hostWarninG. When committed, this change will cause the switch to rebootUCS-A /eth-uplink* # commit-buffer

C. UCS-A# scope fabric-interconnect aUCS-A /fabric-interconnect # set mode end-hostUCS-A /fabric-interconnect* # commit-buffer

D. UCS-A# scope systemUCS-A /system* # set mode end-hostUCS-A /system* # commit-buffer

Answer: A

Q133. What is the purpose of the management interface monitoring policy?

A. to monitor the management interface counters for errors and drops

B. to prevent VM traffic from being black-holed during a cluster switchover

C. to sync MAC address tables between peer fabric interconnects

D. to ensure that the management interface of the managing fabric interconnect can reach the gateway

Answer: D


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Q134. Which two statements about disjoint Layer 2 networks are true? (Choose two.)

A. Ethernet Switching mode must be end-host mode.

B. Overlapping vlans are supported.

C. Each vNIC can communicate with all the disjoint Layer 2 networks.

D. Symmetrical configuration is recommended for high availability.

E. Default VLAN 1 can be configured explicitly on an Uplink Ethernet Port or Port Channel

F. Appliance port cannot be configured with the same VLAN as Uplink Ethernet Port or Port Channel.

Answer: A,D

Q135. What are the four vPath packet flow steps? (Choose four.)

A. perform flow lookups

B. intercept packets on service enabled ports

C. run packets through the vPath flow manager

D. classify the packets

E. flow manager emits an action for the packets

F. enforce the action determined by the flow manager

Answer: B,C,E,F

Q136. Which capabilities are not supported in DCNM device manager?

A. Manage SNMPv3 security access to switches

B. Save and copy configuration files and software images

C. Configure VLANs and Ethernet port channels

D. Manage 2148T FEX, 2232PP FEX, and 2248TP FEX

E. Configure FCoE

Answer: C


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Q137. Refer to the exhibit.

Which command would produce this output?

A. show stats HTTP

B. show stats load balance

C. show stats probe type

D. show parameter map

Answer: B

Q138. Where is Cisco UCS vNICs created?

A. In the blade BIOS

B. In the operating system

C. In the service profile

D. In the card option ROM

Answer: C

Q139. On a Cisco UCS B250 M2 server that is fully populated with 1333-MHz memory and an E5640 CPU, what is the fastest speed the memory can run at?

A. 800 MHz

B. 900 MHz

C. 1066 MHz

D. 1333 MHz

E. 1666 MHz

Answer: C

Q140. Which three flow-control port states lead to enabled link flow control? (Choose three.)

A. Receive port: Enabled, Transmit port: Enabled

B. Receive port: Enabled, Transmit port: Desired

C. Receive port: Enabled, Transmit port: Disabled

D. Receive port: Disabled, Transmit port: Desired

E. Receive port: Desired, Transmit port: Desired

Answer: A,B,E