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2021 Jun 350-080 pdf:

Q241. Refer to the exhibit.

Given the displays from MDS-1 and MDS-2, which two options describe what will happen when they attempt a zone merge for VSAN 120? (Choose two.)

A. The zone merge will complete with no warnings and each switch will contain three zones.

B. The zone merge will fail because the zone set members are not identical.

C. The zone merge will prompt the administrator to add zones ucs-1 and ucs-2 to the switches where they are missing.

D. Zone merges are not permitted when running enhanced mode zoning.

E. The zone merge will fail because the active zone set names are not identical.

F. The zone merge will complete, but the administrator will be prompted to choose which zone set to make active.

Answer: B,E

Q242. After configuring FabricPath, the following message appears in the syslog:

%STP-2-L2GW_BACKBONE_BLOCK: L2 Gateway Backbone port inconsistency blocking port port-channel100 on VLAN0010.

What is a possible reason for this message?

A. Spanning tree must be disabled, and the message indicates that STP is enabled.

B. STP is misconfigured. The root guard must be disabled.

C. An inferior BPDU was received on a Cisco FabricPath edge port.

D. A superior BPDU was received on a Cisco FabricPath edge port.

Answer: D

Q243. When a host Cisco Network Assistant is attached to two different Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is a requirement of the host NIC interfaces when attempting to use FCoE from the host?

A. LACP is the only method to enable the host-side NIC teaming for FCoE.

B. The host/NICs must be capable of supporting link aggregation.

C. LACP mode “vPC” is the correct Cisco Network Assistant parameter configuration.

D. The host-side NIC team name must match what is configured in the vPC peers.

E. The NIC drivers must be configured for the “Cisco vPC option” = on

Answer: B



Q245. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the procedure to verify that the VSM is connected to vCenter Server is true?

A. Install a new extension key and unregister the old extension key.

B. Unregister the old extension key and install a new extension key

C. Unregister the extension key.

D. Install a new extension key.

E. Issue no connect and connect commands.

Answer: B

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Q246. Which two statements about authentication settings for DCNM-LAN are true? (Choose two.)

A. If none of the authentication servers that are configured for the current authentication mode responds to an authentication request, the DCNM-LAN server falls back to local authentication.

B. DCNM-LAN only supports TACACS+.

C. Each DCNM-LAN server will have the same device credentials.

D. Administering DCNM-LAN authentication settings require an authentication license.

E. DCNM-LAN server users are local to the DCNM-LAN server.

Answer: A,E

Q247. Which statement about the iSCSI initiator task tag is true?

A. The initiator assigns a task tag to each task it issues.

B. The target assigns a task tag on behalf of the initiator.

C. During the life of the task, this tag does not have to be unique.

D. SCSI may not use this tag as part of the SCSI task identifier.

Answer: A

Q248. Server load balancing (SLB) is the process of deciding to which server a load-balancing device should send a client request for service. 

Which predictors are supported on ACE in order to select the best server to fulfill a client request? (Choose three.)

A. Hash address: Selects the server by using a hash value based on either the source or destination IP address, or both

B. Hash URL: Selects the server by using a hash value based on the requested URL

C. Hash MAC. Selects the server by using a hash value based on either the source or destination MAC address, or both

D. Hash header: Selects the server by using a hash value based on the HTTP header name

E. Hash IP: Selects the server using a hash value based on the IP address

Answer: A,B,D



Q250. On a Cisco Nexus 7000, a CoPP can be applied separately to each VDC.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B