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2021 Jul cisco 350-080 dump:

Q61. Which feature must be enabled on the upstream Fibre Channel switch if the fabric interconnects is configured in end-host mode?



C. Zoning

D. Smart Zoning

Answer: B

Q62. What is the maximum combination of static vNICs and vHBAs for Cisco UCS Manager version 2.1 when using ESX 5.1?

A. 18 eNICs and 8 fNICs

B. 24 eNICs and 8 fNICs

C. 12 eNICs and 8 fNICs

D. 18 eNICs and 9 fNICs

Answer: A

Q63. How are unified port expansion modules for Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects licensed?

A. All ports are fully licensed by default.

B. The first eight ports on the module are licensed by default.

C. The expansion modules contribute eight licenses to the global pool by default.

D. The expansion modules contribute six licenses to the global pool by default.

E. The first six ports on the module are licensed by default.

Answer: D





Down to date 350-080 written exam:

Q66. Which statement about SAN port channels configured on Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is true?

A. A single SAN port channel can have both Fibre Channel and virtual Fibre Channel interfaces.

B. SAN port channels can include up to 16 interfaces.

C. SAN port channels distribute traffic across all links in the port channel when source ID and destination ID load balancing are used.

D. The links in SAN port channels can be connected to different sets of switches.

E. The On mode of operation means ports only operate as part of a SAN port channel or remain inactive.

Answer: E

Q67. The persistent storage service (PSS) is used by which function?

A. storage of log files across reloads of the system

B. storage of license files in the backplane EEPROM

C. storage of the process-specific state for stateful process recovery

D. storage of core dump files from crashed processes

Answer: C

Q68. What is the purpose of this command in a Cisco Application Control Engine?

switch/Admin# show np 1 me-stats "-F0 v"

A. It displays the status of the internal SSL proxy structure associated with a vserver.

B. It displays the crypto-related statistics for a single NP.

C. It is the same output of a "show stats crypto" client/server.

D. It shows details on HTTP session entries.

Answer: A

Q69. What are the three benefits of SSL offload? (Choose three.)

A. total offload of encryption from the servers

B. partial offload of encryption from the servers

C. Layer 5 to 7 awareness for Layer 7 switching

D. Layer 5 to 7 awareness for Layer 5 to 7 switching

E. public certificates required on both load balancer and the real server

F. public certificate required only on load balancer

Answer: A,C,F

Q70. Which GSS "source access list" is used to allow access to GSS by clients when GSS is being used as the DNS?

A. Client IP

B. Proxy IP

C. Client and proxy IP

D. Neither client nor proxy IP

Answer: A