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Q32. Which statement about the Adapter FEX feature on the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is true?

A. Adapter FEX is a software feature that can be configured on any CNA as long as the Nexus 5000 is running a version of code that supports Adapter FEX.

B. Adapter FEX can be thought of as a way to divide a single physical link into multiple virtual links or channels.

C. Packets on each channel are tagged with an 801.Q header that has a specific source VIF.

D. When using a dual-homed NIC on the server, active/standby is not supported. Only active/active is supported.

Answer: B

Q33. Refer to the exhibit.

According to the equipment tab in Cisco UCS Manager, which is true?

A. A is an uplink port, B is a fabric port, C is a server port, D is a backplane port, E is a DCE interface, and F is a vNIC

B. A is an uplink port, B is a server port, C is a fabric port, D is a backplane port, E is a DCE interface, and F is a vNIC

C. A is an uplink port, B is a fabric port, C is a backplane port, D is a server port, E is a DCE interface, and F is a vNIC

D. A is an uplink port, B is a server port, C is a fabric port, D is a DCE interface, E is a backplane port, and F is a vNIC

E. A is an fabric port, B is a downlink port, C is an uplink port, D is a server port, E is a VIC interface, and F is a vNIC

Answer: B

Q34. When building a NIC team (virtual port channel) between a host and a pair of Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches that will carry FCoE traffic, what is the maximum number of physical links that can exist in

the team?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

E. 16

Answer: B

Q35. Refer to the exhibit.

Company ABC has implemented a Cisco Trustsec domain with an initial Cisco ACS server and Cisco Nexus 7000 CTS-DC. The company plans to extend the domain adding an additional Cisco Nexus 7000 CTS-CORE.

Which three minimum configurations are required on CTS-Core to join the domain? (Choose three.)

A. Configure interface “cts dot1x”.

B. Configure TrustSec domain.

C. Configure feature dot1x and cts.

D. Configure RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting.

E. Configure local device ID and password.

F. Configure as “non-seed” device.

Answer: C,D,E


Most recent 350-080 vce file:

Q36. DHCP snooping on Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches acts like a firewall between untrusted hosts and trusted DHCP servers by doing which of these? (Choose three.)

A. validates DHCP messages received from untrusted sources and filters out invalid response messages from DHCP servers

B. intercepts all ARP requests and responses on untrusted ports

C. builds and maintains the DHCP snooping binding database, which contains information about untrusted hosts with leased IP addresses

D. uses the DHCP snooping binding database to validate subsequent requests from untrusted hosts

E. limits IP traffic on an interface to only those sources that have an IP-MAC address binding table entry or static IP source entry

Answer: A,C,D

Q37. Smart Call Home provides an email-based notification for critical system policies. A range of message formats are available for compatibility with pager services, standard email, or XML-based automated parsing applications. Destination profiles are used by Smart Call Home when sending notifications.

Which of these are predefined destination profiles supported by Cisco NX-OS Software? (Choose three.)

A. short-text-destination

B. prerecorded audio alerts

C. CiscoTAC-1

D. dial911

E. full-text-destination

Answer: A,C,E

Q38. Which two statements about Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches are correct? (Choose two.)

A. When VSM interfaces are created for a virtual machine, the VMware vSwitch port-group configuration is used initially, which requires the creation of a port-group name for these interfaces and an appropriate VLAN. The simplest configuration is to create a single port group (for example, VSM-Interfaces), that includes all the interfaces that use this port group and the same VLAN.

B. The mgmt0 interface on the VSM does not necessarily require its own VLAN. In fact, you can use the same VLAN to which the VMware vCenter Server belongs. The VSM management VLAN is really no different from any other virtual machine data VLAN. Alternatively, network administrators can

designate a special VLAN for network device management.

C. Always deploy the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series VSM in pairs, with one VSM that is defined as the primary module and the other that is defined as the secondary module on two separate hosts.

D. The service console is a critical interface that resides on every logical server.

E. mgmt 0 interface on the VSM always use VLAN 1 for communication with VEM modules.

Answer: B,C

Q39. Refer to the exhibit.

Which type of SSL offload configuration is shown in the output?

A. SSL termination

B. SSL initiation

C. end-to-end SSL

D. SSL testing

Answer: B