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2021 Apr 352-001 free question

Q111. You are a network designer and have been asked to consult with your server operations team to further enhance the security of the network. The operations team provides you with these details about the network: 

A pool of servers is accessed by numerous data centers and remote sites. 

The servers are accessed via a cluster of firewalls. 

The firewalls are configured properly and are not dropping traffic. 

The firewalls occasionally cause asymmetric routing of traffic within the server data center. 

Which technology would you recommend to enhance security by limiting traffic that could originate from a hacker compromising a workstation and redirecting flows at the servers? 

A. Access control lists to limit sources of traffic that exits the server-facing interface of the firewall cluster 

B. Poison certain subnets by adding static routes to Null0 on the server farm core switches. 

C. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding in strict mode 

D. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding in loose mode 


Q112. For a storage area network design, which technology allows a switch to support multiple Fibre Channel IDs per fabric port? 

A. N-Port Identifier Virtualization 

B. Inter-Virtual Storage Area Network Routing 

C. Zoning 

D. Fabric Port Trunking 

E. Node Port Virtualization 

F. Expansion Port Trunking 


Q113. Refer to the exhibit. 

You are developing a migration plan to enable IPv6 in your IPv4 network. Starting at R3 and assuming default IS-IS operations, what is likely to happen when you enable IPv6 routing on the link from R3 to R2? 

A. Only R3 and R2 have IPv4 and IPv6 reachability. 

B. R2 receives an IPv6 default route from R3. 

C. Loopback reachability between all routers for IPv4 is lost. 

D. All routers except R2 are reachable through IPv4. 

E. R3 advertises the link from R3-R2 to R1, R4 and R5 only. 


Q114. A company requests that you consult with them regarding the design of their production, development, and test environments. They indicate that the environments must communicate effectively, but they must be kept separate due to the inherent failures on the development network. What will be configured on the links between the networks to support their design requirements? 




D. static routes 


Q115. A Tier-3 Service Provider is evolving into a Tier-2 Service Provider due to the amount of Enterprise business it is receiving. The network engineers are re-evaluating their IP/MPLS design considerations in order to support duplicate/overlapping IP addressing from their Enterprise customers within each Layer 3 VPN. Which of the following would need to be reviewed to ensure stability in their network? 

A. Assigning unique Route Target ID's 

B. Assigning unique Route Distinguishers 

C. Assigning unique IP address space for the Enterprise NAT/Firewalls 

D. Assigning unique VRF ID's to each Layer 3 VPN 


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Q116. Company X will be integrating an IPv6 application into their network and wants to develop a test environment to evaluate application performance across the network. This application will require both unicast and multicast communications. The company can do this implementation only in certain areas of its existing IPv4-only network, but wants all areas to communicate with each other. When developing the design to provide connectivity between these testing locations, what tunneling technology would work in this scenario? 


B. 6to4 


D. 6vPE 

E. 6PE 


Q117. Your company will attach to a new Gigabit Ethernet-based wide area network from the local service provider for remote connectivity. Each connection will have a 150 Mb/s committed information rate. For the design of this new service, which QoS mechanism should be used to ensure low packet loss toward the service provider network? 

A. shaping 

B. policing 




Q118. ACME Corporation is deploying a new HR application that requires the network infrastructure to monitor and react to certain conditions in the network. Which feature should be used to meet this design requirement? 

A. Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager 


C. reflexive ACLs 

D. route maps 


F. exit status 


Q119. When creating a design plan for IPv6 integration, you decide to use stateless encapsulation of IPv6 packets into IPv4 tunnels between subscriber CPEs and a border relay. Which deployment technique allows for this functionality? 

A. 6rd 

B. Dual-Stack Lite 

C. 4rd 



Q120. Refer to the exhibit. 

You are designing a spanning-tree network for a small campus. Which two of these options would result in a trouble-free spanning-tree network design? (Choose two.) 

A. Convert all ports to trunk ports, prune off the VLANs that you do not require, and minimize the number of blocking ports. 

B. Introduce Layer 3 VLANs (SVIs) and prune off the VLANs that you do not require. 

C. Convert all the ports to trunk and enable BackboneFast. 

D. Convert all the ports to trunk and enable UplinkFast between all the links. 

Answer: AB