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Q21. You are asked to design a large campus network that will be using multicast for data transport. Which feature should be enabled at the Layer 2 access edge for host-only ports? 

A. PortFast 

B. BPDU guard 


D. PIM query interval 


Q22. The Service Provider you work for wants to deploy CoS functionality on the P routers of the MPLS core, to provide a complete CoS solution to all customers that purchase services such as dedicated Internet access, MPLS Layer 3 VPN, and Layer 2 VPN (pseudowire). The design requirements are: 

. The network supports four service queues with equal treatment for delay, jitter, 

and packet loss. 

. Queues are numbered 0–3, where 0 is the default queue. 

. Three queues have one treatment, whereas the other queue has either one or two 


. The Service Provider manages control traffic, whereas the customers manage 

business critical and best effort. 

Which two statements could you recommend to allow for the appropriate level of bandwidth allocation? (Choose two.) 

A. Control plane 10%, Real Time 30%, Business Critical 40%, Best Effort 20% 

B. Control plane 80%. Real Time 10%, Business Critical 5%, Best Effort 5% 

C. Control plane 90%, Real Time 5%, Business Critical 5%, Best Effort 0% 

D. Control plane 20%, Real Time 40%, Business Critical 30%, Best Effort 10% 

Answer: AD 

Q23. Tesla Radio GmbH is going to build a new research lab network based on a set of switches that would connect to their existing enterprise network. They are considering a design that would guarantee loop-free behavior within the set of switches. The design would also allow the group of switches to seem like a single switch to the enterprise network, because it is owned by a separate administrative group. Which Spanning Tree Protocol should be used to support the design requirements? 

A. IEEE 802.1w 

B. IEEE 802.1D 

C. IEEE 802.1s 

D. IEEE 802.1p 


Q24. Your design client has requested that you ensure that the client devices are not dynamically configured with incorrect DNS information. When finalizing the network design, which security option must be configured on the switches? 

A. IGMP snooping 

B. DHCP snooping 

C. root guard 

D. DNS snooping 


Q25. A planned EBGP network will use OSPF to reach the EBGP peer addresses. Which of these conditions should be avoided in the design that could otherwise cause the peers to flap continuously? 

A. An ACL blocks TCP port 179 in one direction. 

B. IP addresses used to peer are also being sent via EBGP. 

C. The OSPF area used for peering is nonbackbone (not area 0). 

D. The routers are peered by using a default route sent by OSPF. 


Q26. Your organization is working on a design solution for a new Internet-based remote access virtual private network that has 1000 remote sites. A network administrator recommends GETVPN as the model because the network of today uses DMVPN, which results in a lot of background NHRP control traffic. What is a potential problem with using GETVPN for this design solution? 

A. GETVPN would require a high level of background traffic to maintain its IPsec SAs. 

B. GETVPN is not scalable to a large number of remote sites. 

C. GETVPN and DMVPN will not interoperate. 

D. GETVPN key servers would be on public, hacker-reachable space and need higher security. 


Q27. You have been hired by a startup company to provide optical services using MPLS-TP. Which three options describe reasons to use the MPLS-TP standard in your design? (Choose three.) 

A. MPLS-TP is a newer packet transport technology that replaces SONET/SDH. 

B. MPLS-TP includes extensions to native MPLS OAM for fault detection, monitoring, and propagation. 

C. MPLS-TP requires a routing protocol. 

D. MPLS-TP uses an IANA assigned label 13 for OAM. 

E. MPLS-TP uses Ethernet Y.1731 OAM. 

Answer: ABD 

Q28. Two medium-sized companies recently merged and would like to share their two campus buildings as soon as possible. Employees should be able to sit and work in either building. If the IP addresses in the networks overlap, which virtualization technology could be deployed quickly to achieve the business objective? 




D. L2TPv3 


Q29. In order to meet your service level agreement, your network designer created a design solution that includes interface dampening. In which two ways will interface dampening benefit your overall network design? (Choose two.) 

A. Interface dampening uses an exponential backoff algorithm to suppress event reporting to the upper-level protocols. 

B. When the interface is dampened, further link events are not reported to the upper protocol modules. 

C. When the interface is dampened, further link events are reported to the upper protocol module. 

D. Periodic interface flapping that affects the routing system as a whole should have a period shorter than the system convergence time. 

Answer: AB 

Q30. You are working on a network design plan for a company with approximately 2000 sites. The sites will be connected using the public Internet. You plan to use private IP addressing in the network design, which will be routed without NAT through an encrypted WAN network. Some sites will be connected to the Internet with dynamic public IP addresses, and these addresses may change occasionally. Which VPN solution will support these design requirements? 

A. GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not scale to 2000 sites. 

B. DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not scale to 2000 sites. 

C. GET VPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with DMVPN through the public Internet. 

D. DMVPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with GET VPN through the public Internet. 

E. GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites. 

F. DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites.