Exam Code: 400-051 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CCIE Collaboration
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 Jun 400-051 Study Guide Questions:

Q111. Which call hunt mechanism is only supported by the voice hunt group in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router? 

A. sequential 

B. peer 

C. longest idle 

D. parallel 

E. overlay 

Answer: D 

Q112. Which codec complexity mode, when deployed on Cisco IOS routers with DSPs using the C5510 chipset, supports the most G.711 calls per DSP? 

A. Low 

B. Medium 

C. High 

D. Secure 

E. Flex 

Answer: E 

Q113. Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager partition will be associated with a directory URI that is configured for an end user with a primary extension? 

A. null 

B. none 

C. directory URI 

D. default 

E. any partition that the Cisco Unified Communications Manager administrator desires 

Answer: C 

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Q114. Which two statements describe the remote supervisory monitoring feature in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express? (Choose two.) 

A. It is supported on Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced and Premium editions. 

B. It does not require a Cisco Supervisor Desktop or any data network connectivity. 

C. Agents are aware that they are being silently monitored. 

D. Calls can be silently monitored from a PSTN phone. 

E. It supports G.711 and G.729 codecs. 

F. It works with SPAN port monitoring only. 

Answer: BD 

Q115. Assume 6 bytes for the Layer 2 header, 1 byte for the end-of-frame flag, and a 40-millisecond voice payload, how much bandwidth should be allocated to the strict priority queue for five VoIP calls that use a G.729 codec over a multilink PPP link? 

A. 87 kb/s 

B. 134 kb/s 

C. 102.6 kb/s 

D. 77.6 kb/s 

E. 71.3 kb/s 

Answer: A 

Q116. Which definition is included in a Cisco UC on UCS TRC? 

A. required RAID configuration, when the TRC uses direct-attached storage 

B. configuration of virtual-to-physical network interface mapping 

C. step-by-step procedures for hardware BIOS, firmware, drivers, and RAID setup 

D. configuration settings and patch recommendations for VMware software 

E. server model and local components (CPU, RAM, adapters, local storage) by name only; part numbers are not included because they change over time 

Answer: B 


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Q117. A company that is using the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Enhanced version requires that selected types of agent calls are automatically recorded. Which call recording operation can be used to satisfy this requirement? 

A. Instruct agents to use the Record button on Cisco IPPA to trigger recording. 

B. Instruct supervisors to use the Record button on Cisco Agent Desktop to trigger recording. 

C. Instruct supervisors to use the Record button on Cisco Supervisor Desktop to trigger recording. 

D. Configure the Cisco Agent Desktop workflow to trigger recording. 

E. Recording is not supported on the Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced version. It is supported only on the Premium version. 

Answer: D 

Q118. Which statement describes the external database requirement for the Cisco IM and Presence permanent group chat feature? 

A. All nodes in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster can share a physical external database. 

B. All nodes in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster can share a logical external database. 

C. Each node in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster must have its own physical external database. 

D. Each node in a Cisco IM and Presence cluster must have its own logical external database. 

E. An external database is not mandatory. 

Answer: D 

Q119. Which two statements about using the Load Server option for IP phone firmware distribution are true? (Choose two.) 

A. This option must be enabled on at least two servers in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. 

B. This option must be enabled on Cisco Unified Communications Manager service parameters for Cisco TFTP. 

C. Phone firmware must be manually copied to any applicable load servers. 

D. The load server will not function if its IP address is not in the same subnet as the IP phones. 

E. This option is only available for newer IP phone models. 

F. This option does not accommodate falling back to Cisco TFTP on error. 

Answer: CF 

Q120. In Key Press Markup Language, which SIP request is used to deliver the actual DTMF digits? 






Answer: C