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2021 Jun 400-051 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Refer to the exhibit. 

If this SIP call is initiated using delayed offer, which SIP message will UA#1 use to communicate its media capability to UA#2? 


B. 180 Ringing 

C. 200 OK 


E. RTP Media 

Answer: D 

Q32. Which H.245 information is exchanged within H.225 messages in H.323 Fast Connect? 

A. Terminal Capability Set 

B. Open Logical Channel 

C. Master-Slave Determination 

D. Call Setup 

E. Call Progress 

Answer: B 

Q33. What is the number of directory URIs with which a Cisco Unified Communications Manager directory number can be associated? 

A. 1 

B. up to 2 

C. up to 3 

D. up to 4 

E. up to 5 

Answer: E 


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Q34. Which two host portion format conditions are true for directory URI on Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) 

A. It is case sensitive. 

B. It cannot start with a hyphen. 

C. It must have at least one character. 

D. It supports IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, or fully qualified domain names. 

E. It cannot end with a hyphen. 

F. It supports the & character. 

Answer: BE 

Q35. Assume a 30-millisecond voice payload, 6 bytes for the Layer 2 header, 1 byte for the end-of-frame flag, and the IP, UDP, and RTP headers are compressed to 2 bytes, how much bandwidth should be allocated to the strict priority queue for eight VoIP calls that use a 

G.729 codec over a multilink PPP link with cRTP enabled? 

A. 121.6 kb/s 

B. 92.8 kb/s 

C. 88.4 kb/s 

D. 83.2 kb/s 

E. 78.4 kb/s 

Answer: D 

Q36. Which statement about what happens to incoming calls to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager native call queue when no hunt members are logged in or registered is true? 

A. Calls are handled according to the Forward Hunt No Answer settings on the Hunt Pilot configuration page. 

B. Calls are handled according to the Not Available Hunt Option settings on the Line Group Configuration page. 

C. Calls are handled according to the Forward Hunt Busy settings on the Hunt Pilot configuration page. 

D. Calls are forward to the Forward Busy Calls To destination if configured; otherwise the calls are disconnected. 

E. Calls are handled according to the correspondent parameters under the Queuing section on the Hunt Pilot Configuration page. 

Answer: E 


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Q37. Refer to the exhibit. 

Ephone 1 has three active calls. The first two calls were inbound calls, which the user put on hold to place a third call outbound. What will happen on ephone 1 when a fourth call arrives for extension 2001? 

A. The fourth call will be delivered to ephone 1 because it only received two inbound calls, one call less than the busy-trigger-per-button setting. 

B. The fourth call will be delivered to ephone 1 because the huntstop channel setting is not yet saturated. 

C. The fourth call will be delivered to ephone 1 because it can handle up to five calls on each button. 

D. The fourth call will be held temporarily by the IOS Software until ephone 1 disconnects one of the active calls. 

E. The fourth call will not be delivered and the caller will hear a user busy tone. 

Answer: E 

Q38. Which two statements describe security services that are provided by the Phone Proxy function on a Cisco ASA appliance? (Choose two.) 

A. It is supported only on phones that use SCCP. 

B. It is supported on an adaptive security appliance that runs in transparent mode. 

C. It provides interworking to ensure that the external IP phone traffic is encrypted, as long as the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster runs in secure mode. 

D. It provides a proxy of phone signaling, with optional use of NAT, to hide the Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP address from the public Internet. 

E. It proxies phone media so that internal phones are not directly exposed to the Internet. 

F. It supports IP phones that send phone proxy traffic through a VPN tunnel. 

Answer: DE 

Q39. What does a comma accomplish when it is used in a SIP Dial Rule pattern that is associated with a Cisco 9971 IP Phone that is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. It inserts a 500-millisecond pause between digits. 

B. It causes the phone to generate a secondary dial tone. 

C. It is a delimiter and has no significant dialing impact. 

D. It indicates a timeout value of 5000 milliseconds. 

E. It is an obsolete parameter and will be ignored. 

Answer: B 

Q40. Which statement describes a disadvantage of using the Cisco TFTP service to serve IP phone load files? 

A. The Cisco TFTP services can run on only one Cisco Unified Communications Manager server in a cluster. 

B. Because TFTP operates on top of UDP, there is a high risk of corrupted load file delivery at the completion of the TFTP process due to undetected data loss in the network. 

C. If a response is not received in the timeout period, the TFTP server will not resend the data packet. 

D. Packet loss can significantly increase the TFTP session completion time. 

E. Because TFTP operates with an adaptive timeout period, the time to complete the file transfer is unpredictable. 

Answer: D