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2021 Aug 400-101 ccie routing and switching pdf:

Q491. Which two commands enable OSPF graceful shutdown? (Choose two.) 

A. nsf cisco 

B. ip ospf shutdown 

C. shutdown 

D. nsf ietf helper disable 

Answer: B,C 

Q492. Which two application protocols require application layer gateway support when using NAT on a Cisco router? (Choose two.) 





E. POP3 

Answer: A,C 

Q493. Which two statements about IS-IS are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The default hello interval is 10 seconds and the default hold timer is 30 seconds. 

B. The hello interval can be changed on a per-interface basis with the command isis hello-multiplier. 

C. Both routers need to have the same hello intervals and hold timers in order to form IS-IS neighbors. 

D. Both IS-IS routers need to have the same capabilities in the hello packet in order to form neighbors. 

Answer: A,B 


isis hello-interval 

To specify the length of time between hello packets that the Cisco IOS software sends, use the isis hello-interval command in interface configuration mode. By default, a value three times the hello interval seconds is advertised as the hold time in the hello packets sent. (Change the multiplier of 3 by specifying the isis hello-multiplier command.) With smaller hello intervals, topological changes are detected faster, but there is more routing traffic. The default is 10 seconds. 

Reference: ml 

Q494. Which topology allows the split-horizon rule to be safely disabled when using EIGRP? 

A. full mesh 

B. partial mesh 

C. hub and spoke 

D. ring 

Answer: C 

Q495. Which two statements are characteristics of Ethernet private LAN circuits? (Choose two.) 

A. They support communication between two or more customer endpoints. 

B. They utilize more than one bridge domain. 

C. They support point-to-multipoint EVC. 

D. They support multipoint-to-multipoint EVC. 

Answer: A,D 


An Ethernet Private LAN (EPLAN) is a multipoint–to–multipoint EVC. EPLAN is an EVC that supports communication between two or more UNIs. In EPLAN, only one EVC can exist on a port and the port can have only one EFP. 

Reference: ion/cpt93_configuration_chapter_0100.pdf 

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Q496. Which option is the default point of insertion for the BGP cost community? 

A. before best path calculation 

B. after best path calculation 

C. after the IGP metric comparison 

D. after the router ID comparison 

Answer: C 

Q497. How does MSTP provide backward compatibility with RSTP? 

A. It uses the hop count variable as a TTL counter. 

B. It transmits all spanning-tree information in one BPDU. 

C. It supports up to 128 MSTI messages. 

D. It encodes the MSTP-specific region information before the legacy RSTP BPDU. 

Answer: D 

Q498. Which variable in an EEM applet is set when you use the sync yes option? 

A. $_cli_result 

B. $_result 

C. $_string_result 

D. $_exit_status 

Answer: D 


The CLI event detector screens CLI commands for a regular expression match. When a match is found, an event is published. The match logic is performed on the fully expanded CLI command after the command is successfully parsed and before it is executed. The CLI event detector supports three publish modes: 

. Synchronous publishing of CLI events--The CLI command is not executed until the EEM policy exits, and the EEM policy can control whether the command is executed. The read/write variable, _exit_status, allows you to set the exit status at policy exit for policies triggered from synchronous events. If _exit_status is 0, the command is skipped, if _exit_status is 1, the command is run. 

. Asynchronous publishing of CLI events--The CLI event is published, and then the CLI command is executed. 

. Asynchronous publishing of CLI events with command skipping--The CLI event is published, but the CLI command is not executed. 



Q499. In the DiffServ model, which class represents the highest priority with the lowest drop probability? 

A. AF11 

B. AF13 

C. AF41 

D. AF43 

Answer: C 

Q500. Refer to the exhibit. 

What is the role of this multicast router? 

A. a first-hop PIM router 

B. a last-hop PIM router 

C. a PIM rendezvous point 

D. a PIM inter-AS router 

Answer: C 


The following is sample output from the show ip pim tunnel taken from an RP. The output is used to verify the PIM Encap and Decap Tunnel on the RP: 

Switch# show ip pim tunnel 


Type : PIM Encap 

RP :* 



Type : PIM Decap 

RP :* 

SourcE. -R2# 

The asterisk (*) indicates that the router is the RP. The RP will always have a PIM Encap and Decap Tunnel interface. 

Reference: ast/command_reference/b_mc_3se_3650_cr/b_mc_3se_3650_cr_chapter_010.html#wp12 86920037