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Q51. Refer to the exhibit. An SP core is running MPLS with OSPF as the IGP used for Loopback propagation. LDP Synchronization is enabled per the given configuration. What will the traffic flow behavior be after a temporary outage event on PE1 Eth0/0? 

A. Permanently through PE1 -> P2 -> PE4 due to lowest path metric. 

B. Initially through PE1 -> P1 -> PE4, then a few seconds later, it will be over PE1 -> P2 -> PE4. 

C. Permanently through PE1 -> P1 -> PE4 due to lowest path metric. 

D. Initially through PE1 -> P2 -> PE4, then a few seconds later, it will be over PE1 -> P1 -> PE4 


Q52. For MPLS inter-AS Option B, how many labels are associated with packet forwarding between the VPNv4 ASBR neighbors? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 




Drag and drop the OAM protocol listed on the left to the correct standard on the right. Not all options will be used. 


Q54. A Server Provider is seeing an increasing amount of attacks against its customers. For which kind of attack would an engineer want to design a Backscatter Traceback solution? 

A. Rogue DNS/DHCP Servers 

B. IP Spoofing 

C. Ping of Death 

D. Distributed Denial of Service 

E. Network Attack TCP/UDP Scan 


Explanation: Reference: 

Q55. Which MPLS technology will achieve LAN extensions over the service provider backbone? 

A. AToM 



D. L2TPv3 



Q56. In Multicast Inter-AS VPN context, which BGP attribute should you use to overcome the Option B limitation due to a rewritten originator next-hop address in the network? 

A. connector 

B. AS path 

C. weight 

D. originator 


Q57. An IS-IS enabled router with multiple IS-IS neighbors is required to have BFD sessions with all neighbors. Which BFD mode should you use when you want to save the overhead of periodic protocol control packets? 

A. echo 

B. asynchronous 

C. demand 

D. active 


Explanation: RFC - 5880 

Q58. Which two flexible service mapping features that are used on the ES40 line card can classify traffic into different service instances, in order to consume fewer VLANs? (Choose two.) 

A. CoS 


C. IP precedence 

D. MPLS experimental bit 

E. ToS 

F. EtherType 

Answer: A,F 


Reference: sw_config/es40_chap7.html#pgfId-1500091 

Q59. What are the four key design requirements for mobile IP backhaul? (Choose four.) 

A. X2 interface turning point 

B. bandwidth 

C. Layer 2 Tunneling 

D. native IPv6 support 

E. DiffServQoS 

F. MPLS-enabled interface 

G. network timing distribution and recovery 

H. mandatory Layer 3 access up to a cell site 

Answer: C,D,G,H 


Q60. Refer to the exhibit. 

The vrf MAINT has been provisioned and used by the Service Provider management network. The engineer discovers that syslog messages are not being received on the syslog server. IP reachability has been validated using ping. Which issue in the configuration must be corrected? 

A. logging on must include the vrf MAINT keyword. 

B. logging host must include the vrf MAINT keyword. 

C. The logging facility must be configured for syslog processing. 

D. The route targets that are configured do not match the route distinguisher. 


Explanation: 59076