Exam Code: 400-351 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CCIE Wireless Written Exam
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 Jan 400-351 practice test

Q21. Your customer wants to configure LSCs and asks for specific information about which number to configure in the text box right next to the "Number of Attempts" 

.Which statement is true? 

A. The default number of attempts is 100. 

B. A value of 2 means that if an AP fails to join the Cisco WLC using an LSC, the AP attempts to Join the Cisco WLC using the default certificate 

C. A value of 255 means that if an AP fails to join the Cisco WLC using an LSC, the AP does not attempt to join the Cisco WLC using the default . 

D. A value of 3 means that if a user fails to authenticate, the user is disconnected after three retries. 


Q22. What two statements are true with regards to the UNII brands? (Choose two) 

A. All channels in the UNII-2 band require DFS and TPC 

B. The UNII-3 band provides channel that ate spaced 20 MHz apart 

C. The channels in UNII-3 band require DFS and TPC 

D. The UNII-1band provides 4 non-overlapping channels 

E. Different channels within the UNII-1band have different restrictions including transmit power antenna gain antenna style usage 

Answer: A, D 

Q23. DRAG DROP Drag and drop the Cisco MSE context-aware solution problem on the left to the possible reason for the failure on the right. 



A. Enforce airtime entitlement for wireless voice applications. 

B. Ensure that call quality dose not degrade for existing VoWLAN calls. 

C. Deny client access to the WLAN that do not meet the standard. 

D. Allow access only for VoWLAN traffic when interference is detected. 

Answer: A, B 

Q24. Which two statement about LAG in the Cisco wireless LAN controller running Aire OS 8.0 are true?(choose two) 

A. LAG bundles all of the crsco WLC distribution system ports into a single 802.3ad port channel. 

B. There can be only one AP-manager interface if LAG is enabled 

C. LAG configuration change take effect immediately after they are configured 

D. Channel negotiation LACP and PAgP are supported 

Answer: A, B 

Q25. Which two statements about deploying a mesh network by MAPs and RAPs are true on AireOS 8.0?(choose two) A. The three main types of mesh type under the neighbor information are neighbored, parent and child. For types default neighbor and default child default is used when the neighbor BGN is not known of different from the current AP BGNif the strict matching BGN features is disabled. 

B. The backhaul client access feature cannot be enabled on a RAP that is RAP does not allow clients on its 802.11a radio 

C. To allow relaying traffic to and from the Ethernet port of a MAP,the Ethernet bridging feature must be enabled on the map 

D. A map of rap must be authorized by either PSK or EAP before joining a controller in bridge mode. 

Answer: A, C 

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Q26. Which two statements about accessing the GUIand CLI of Cisco WlC are true? (choose two) 

A. The feature " Management using dynamic interface" can be configures in CLI only. 

B. The wireless client can access the Cisco WLC only when the option "Enable controller wireless Management to be accessible from Wireless clients is checked". 

C. Wired clients can have only eli access with the dynamic interface of the Cisco WLC while wireless clients have both CLI and GUI access with the dynamic interface when the feature management using dynamic interface is enabled . 

D. The feature management using dynamic interface can be applied to one of the dynamic interface only. 

Answer: B, D 

Q27. You are a network administrator at ACME corporation where you have a pair of Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controllers deployed for HA AP SSO mode. A failover event occurs and the secondary Cisco 5760 controller moves into the active role. Which three statements about the failover event are true? (Choose three) 

A. Rogue APs and clients are not synced to the standby and are releamed upon switchover. 

B. With SSO,wIPS information is already synced with the stanby unit and this information need not be releamed upon switchover. 

C. Upon guest anchor controller switchover, mobility tunnels stay active, APs remain connected, clients rejoin at MA or MC, and clients are anchored on the new active controller. 

D. Switchover during AP preimage download causes the APs to start image download all over again from the new active controller. 

E. The new active controller does not need to releam the shun list from IPS and other MCs, which eliminates the need to redistribute it to the Mas. 

F. Netflow records are already exported upon switchover and collection starts resuming in the new active controller. 

Answer: C, D, E 

Q28. Which two option are new feature that are supported by IGMPv3 Compared to IGMPv2 (Choose two) 

A. It adds support for IGMP Leave Message 

B. Routers can now send a group-specific query 

C. It extends IGMP, which allows for an explicit maximum response time field 

D. It supports the link local address, which is the destination IP address for membership reports 

E. It adds support for source filtering 

Answer: B, E 


Drag and drop the AVC configuration feature on the left to their respective function on the right.? 



Q30. Your customer needs the list of all the guest client that connected to Wi-Fi successfully but have not yet authenticated. The customer decides to create an advanced filter in Cisco Pounder monitor >client and user which two conditions should be included in the filter? (Choose two) 

A. PEM state =WebauthReqD 

B. On Network= Yes 

C. Status =Associated 

D. Type =Lightweight client 

Answer: C, D