Exam Code: 400-351 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CCIE Wireless Written Exam
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 Feb 400-351 question

Q1. Which option in the cisco identity service engine allows for authorization based on Active Directory user and domain computer login? 

A. Machine access restriction 

B. Active directory group 

C. Active directory attributes 

D. Identity source sequences 


Q2. Refer to the exhibit. 

You enabled NAT to make sure that your WLC is publicly reachable . if other NAT parameters are left to default1 which statement is true. ? 

A. The AP WLC discovery fails for APs int local mode using 

B. The AP WLC discover succeeds for OEAPsjoning the WLC using 

C. The AP WLC discover succeeds for OEAPsJoning the WLC using or 209 165.200.44D. The AP WLC discover Fail for APs in local mode using 



Section: 2.0 Network Infrastructure 

Q3. The network operations center is using PI to collect and monitor the AVC data from a cisco WLC however no AVC information is showing up in cisco PI based on this information from the Cisco WLC reason that Cisco PI is not showing the information is True.? 

A. Cisco prime does not have the correct licensing installed. 

B. The monitor-Name and exporter-name do note match 

C. The Exporter-IP should be the IP address of the cisco WLC 

D. The port number should be 9991. 


Q4. Which two statements about 802.11r are true? (Choose two) 

A. A PTK is generated before the client roams to the target AP. 

B. Non-802.11r clients cannot associate to WLANs that have 802 llr enabled on WLC AireOS code 8.0 

C. 802.11r IS supported only on OPEN and WPA2 WLANs. 

D. This protocol uses the four-way handshake for the key management upon roaming. 

Answer: B, C 

Q5. Which three statements about 802.11ac are true? (choose three) 

A. MU-MIMO is supported in wave 1 

B. MU-MIMO allows one AP to transmit unique data to multiple stations simultaneously 

C. when using MU-MIMI up to 8 devices can transmit data at the same time 

D. 802.11 a/b/g/n device are able to connect to 802.11ac radios 

E. it IS possible to reach 160 MHz by combining two discontinuous 80 MHz channel block 

F. 802.11 ac is supported in the 2.4- and 5-Ghz radio band 

Answer: B, D, E 

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Q6. Your customer plans to deploy a location-aware WLAN in a campus.which statements about the planning considera tion for location-aware WLAN are true ? 

(Choose two) 

A. Cisco PI allow as APS that are defined equipped with third-party antennas participate in client tag or rogue on demand location tracking 

B. Perimeter APs should complement APs located w1thin floor intenor areas m add1 t1on APs should be place m each of the four corners of the floor and at any other corner that are encountered along the floor perimeters. 

C. Onsite calibration is require otherwise location tracking for clients cannot be performed 

D. At least one AP are resident in each quadrant that surrounds the pomt-in- QUESTION NO: 

E. At least one AP that resides in each of at least three of the surrounding quadrant IS located within 70feet(-21.3meters) of the point-in- QUESTION NO: 

F. active RFID tags transmit directly to the APs and require 802.11authentication and require 802.11 authentication and association to pass data traffic to the realtime locating. 

Answer: C, E 

Q7. Refer to the exhibit The wireless clients use VLAN 2150.the WLC Management is on VLAN 2149 and the lAPs use VLAN 2100 wireless clients report that they cannot access multicast routing enabled which two options must be enabled for the clients to receive multicast video? (Choose two) 


B. ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2149 

C. ip igmp snooping 

D. ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2150 

Answer: B, D 

Q8. Which two statements are true based upon the output in the exhibit? (Choose two.) 

A. Operation will be effective only if the video profile on the WLC is mapped to the 802.1p protocol with a tagged value of 5. 

B. It is recommended to configure IP multicast on the WLC in multicast-multicast mode. 

C. CAC must be enabled to avoid channel oversubscription and guarantee the configured media bandwidth. 

D. In case of a violation after an RRC re-evaluation, the stream is demoted to the best- effort class. 

Answer: B, ? 

Q9. Your customer is thinking of migrating the exiting IEEE 802.11b/g network to an IEEE 802.11ac network which two statement are true ?(choose two) 

A. Backward compatibility need to be considered for the existing legacy IEEE 802.11b/g mobile devices. 

B. Channel option are limited on the radio band UNII 3 due to DFS 

C. Ensure that the WLANs have WMM enabled and support open or WPA2/AES encryption 1n order to reach IEEE 802.11ac speeds even on IEEE. 802.11ac clients 

D. Fewer APs have to be proposed because the IEEE 802.llac network provides a faster speed and larger converge area compared with the IEEE 802.11b/g network. 

Answer: A, C 

Q10. Which two option describe implication of deploying autonomous APs in repeater mode? (Choose two) 

A. The Ethernet port is disabled in repeater mode 

B. You can configure multiple VLANs on repeater access point 

C. You should disable Cisco Aironet extensions on the parent(root) AP and on the repeater APs 

D. The infrastructure SSID should be assigned to the native VLAN 

Answer: A, D