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2021 Nov 500-006 simulations

Q21. Why would an endpoint stop sending 720p in a call with a Cisco TelePresence MCU? 

A. The endpoint Ethernet speed renegotiated at half-duplex. 

B. The Cisco TelePresence MCU is using video to receive bit rate optimization to request a lower bandwidth. 

C. Another endpoint joined the conference, which brought the conference rate down. 

D. Another endpoint failed in its negotiation with the Cisco TelePresence MCU. 


Q22. Which three directory services can import Cisco TMS users? (Choose three.) 

A. Active Directory 

B. Active Directory with Kerberos (Secure AD) 

C. Novell eDirectory 

D. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 

Answer: A,B,D 


User Import 

C lick Configure to display the Type field 

Select the typeof directory server to Import groups and users from: 

Active Directory (AD) 

Active Directory with Kerberos (secure AD) 


Q23. What does an endpoint system use to navigate the Auto Attendant menu on the Cisco TelePresence MCU? 

A. FECC and DTMF navigation 

B. a special remote that came with the Cisco TelePresence MCU 

C. only FECC, DTMF is not supported 

D. web interface of the endpoint 


Q24. How many conferencing bridges can a single full-capacity Cisco TelePresence Conductor support? 

A. 1 

B. 10 

C. 15 

D. 25 

E. 30 

F. 104 

G. 500 

H. 2400 



Cisco TelePresence Conductor For larger deplyoments, a full-capacity version of Cisco Telepresence Conductor is required. Up to 2400 concurrent call sessions or up to 30 Cisco Telepresence Servers or 

Telepresence MCUs are supported by one full-capacity Cisco Telepresence Conductor appliance or cluster. 

Up to three full-capacity Cisco Telepresence Conductors can be clustered to provide resilience. 

Q25. Which statement is correct about the configuration of the call control device? 

A. The Cisco TelePresence Management Suite can auto-provision the dial plan between the Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager, using CDP. 

B. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager dial plan only supports numeric values. 

C. The Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager can pass dial plan information between them to create a single directory based on an H.350 schema. 

D. The Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager support numeric and URI dialing. 



CDP: Cisco Discovery Protocol CUCM supports URI dialing since version 9.0H.350: No reference to CUCM in VCS X8.2 Admin Guide. 

Update 500-006 exams:

Q26. How will FindMe . help a user working from either home or the office? 

A. Anyone can contact the user using a single identity. 

B. Users can locate any individual in the company using the address book. 

C. Users can change their system names according to their current location. 

D. Anyone can contact the user by giving each endpoint the same configuration. 



FindMe. FindMe is a form of User Policy, which is the set of rules that determines what happens to a call for a particular user or group when it is received by the VCS. The FindMe feature lets you assign a single FindMe ID to individuals or teams in your enterprise. By logging into their FindMe account, users can set up a list of locations such as "at home" or "in the office" and associate their devices with those locations. They can then specify which devices are called when their FindMe ID is dialed, and what happens if those devices are busy or go unanswered. Each user can specify up to 15 devices and 10 locations. This means that potential callers can be given a single FindMe alias on which they can contact an individual or group in your enterprise — callers won't have to know details of all the devices on which that person or group might be available. To enable this feature you must purchase and install the FindMe option key. Standard operation is to use the VCS's own FindMe manager. However you can use an off-box FindMe manager; this feature is intended for future third-party integration. 

Q27. The following Cisco TMS warning is displayed: "No route possible between X and Y." What does this warning indicate? 

A. One of the not registered.on the Cisco TP VCS. 

B. There is a restriction that does not allow calls between zones. 

C. TMS cannot find one of the selected systems. 

D. Gateway is not available. 


Q28. Where do you change the Maximum Session Bit Rate for Video Calls? 

A. Device > Trunk 

B. System > Location 

C. Media Resources > Media Resource Group 

D. System > Enterprise Parameters 

E. System > Region 




Q29. Which three endpoints are provisioned by Cisco TMSPE? (Choose three.) 

A. Cisco TelePresence System MX Series 

B. Cisco TelePresence System EX Series 

C. Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971 

D. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960 

E. Cisco TelePresence System CTS 500 

Answer: A,B,E 



Q30. Which persistent setting other than system name, E.164 alias, and H.323 ID is configurable for a personal video system? 


B. MAC address 

C. serial number 

D. IP address 



There are four persistent settings: 

System Name 


E.164 alias