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Q11. What does an endpoint system use to navigate the Auto Attendant menu on the Cisco TelePresence MCU? 

A. FECC or DTMF navigation 

B. a special remote that came with the Cisco TelePresence MCU 

C. only FECC; DTMF is not supported 

D. web interface of the endpoint 

Answer: A 

Q12. By which two ways can an endpoint join a conference on the Cisco TelePresence MCU? (Choose two.) 

A. dialing a registered alias for the conference 

B. dialing the auto attendant and navigating to the conference 

C. dialing an endpoint that is already in the conference 

D. dialing all endpoints that are required in the conference 

E. dialing the PIN number of the conference 

Answer: A,B 

Q13. How should you configure the IP address and default gateway on a Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 Series device during setup? 

A. Connect an Ethernet cable to the second Ethernet port of the MCU, and point your web browser to 

B. Console into the serial port in the front panel, and use the static command. 

C. Use the arrows next to the LCD in the front to change the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. 

D. Change it from the Cisco VCS. 

Answer: B 

Q14. If the user purchases the Cisco TelePresence Touch panel, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Both the TRC5 remote control and the Touch panel can be used simultaneously. 

B. Either the TRC5 remote control or the Touch panel can be used, but not both simultaneously. 

C. The Touch panel should be used to make calls, but the TRC5 remote control should be used to configure the unit. 

D. The web interface can be used to configure the unit. 

Answer: B,D 

Q15. Which of these constitutes a Cisco TCS recording alias? 

A. a recording template, a media server configuration, and a call configuration 

B. a media server configuration and a call configuration 

C. a recording template and a media server configuration 

D. a recording template and a call configuration 

Answer: A 

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Q16. While on a call, using the remote control, how do you add an additional participant to a call on your MultiSite-enabled endpoint? 

A. Press the Home button to return to the menu, and select the Add Participant button. 

B. Press and hold the End Call key to bring up the dialing menu. 

C. Press and hold the Call key to bring up the dialing menu. 

D. Press the Call key, and choose or dial the number of the additional participant. 

Answer: D 

Q17. What is one way that a conference participant's screen layout be changed without affecting other participants? 

A. via the participant settings in the MCU 5300 web interface 

B. via the conference settings in the MCU 5300 web interface 

C. by the nominated chair endpoint using FECC 

D. by moving the participant into a different meeting using the MCU 5300 web interface 

Answer: A 

Q18. How are firewall traversal connections established between the Cisco TelePresence VCS Expressway and Control? 

A. The traversal client establishes connections outbound to the traversal server. 

B. The traversal server establishes connections inbound to the traversal client. 

C. Connections are established in both directions from the traversal server to the traversal client. 

D. The traversal server negotiates acceptable connection ports with the firewall. 

Answer: A 

Q19. When using the Cisco TelePresence Touch panel with a Codec C90, which Administrator settings can you access? 

A. all of the same Administrator settings as when using the TRC5 remote 

B. a limited subset of the Administrator settings compared with using the TRC5 remote 

C. none of the Administrator settings 

D. only the Custom Video Layout settings 

Answer: B 

Q20. You want to obtain specific configuration details from each of the systems that are registered to your Cisco TelePresence Management Suite. Where can you do this? 

A. Choose Navigator from the Systems menu. 

B. Choose System Overview from the Systems menu. 

C. Run System Tracking from the Systems menu. 

D. Connect to the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite via a console connection and use show commands. 

Answer: B