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2021 Jul cisco exam 500-254:

Q21. What is the cisco-av-pair automatically set to for an Inline Posture node profile? 

A. ipep-compliant=true 

B. ipep-authz=true 

C. inline-posture=true 

D. SessionIdValue&action=cpp 

Answer: B 

Q22. What are the Cisco ISE posture building blocks? 

A. posture check, posture rules, posture requirement, role requirements 

B. posture condition, compound posture condition, posture requirements, posture policy 

C. network access devices, Policy Service node, Administration node 

D. posture condition, posture rules, role requirements 

Answer: B 

Q23. What is the limit of groups that Cisco ISE can retrieve from an Active Directory? 

A. 10 

B. 50 

C. 100 

D. 150 

E. 200 

Answer: C 

Q24. What is the default authorization rule in Cisco ISE? 

A. permit all access 

B. deny all access 

C. redirect users to CWA 

D. redirect users to LWA 

Answer: A 

Q25. Which global command is used to activate 802.1X on a switch? 

A. dot1x enable 

B. dot1x system-auth-control 

C. dot1x service start 

D. dot1x switchport enable 

Answer: B

Renewal 500-254 ise:

Q26. Which of these is NOT a high-availability option that is available for Cisco ISE deployments? 

A. In the event of failure of the Primary Administration node, the standby instance automatically becomes active. 

B. In the event of failure of the Primary Monitoring node, the standby instance automatically becomes active. 

C. Clustering of Policy Service nodes to provide N+1 redundancy 

D. Stateless failover of Inline Posture nodes 

Answer: A 

Q27. Which two commands are needed to configure 802.1X open mode? (Choose two.) 

A. authentication event 

B. authentication host-mode multi-auth 

C. authentication host-mode single domain 

D. authentication open 

Answer: BD 

Q28. Which option represents the default action or actions that ISE 1.x 1.0 takes when the endpoint usage count exceeds licensed endpoint values? 

A. block all traffic 

B. block all traffic, and generate alarms 

C. do not block traffic, and generate an INFO, WARNING, or CRITICAL alarm 

D. do not take any action 

Answer: C

Q29. Client provisioning resources can be added into the Cisco ISE Administration node from which three of these? (Choose three.) 


B. local disk 

C. Posture Agent Profile 



Answer: ABC 

Q30. What are two methods to verify that Cisco ISE is properly connected to AD? (Choose two.) 

A. Use the Test Connection feature in the Cisco ISE External Identity Sources Active Directory. 

B. View the Active Directory Log /opt/CSCOcmp/logs/ad_agent.log. 

C. Use the ISE Dashboard Summary alarms. 

D. Use ktpass to determine if the Kerberos ticket is valid. 

Answer: AB