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2021 Sep 500-254 dumps:

Q1. Which three conditions can be used for posture checking? (Choose three.) 

A. application 

B. operating system 

C. file 

D. certificate 

E. service 

Answer: ACE 

Q2. Which two elements must you configure on a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller to allow Cisco ISE to authenticate wireless users? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure Cisco ISE as a RADIUS authentication server and enter a shared secret. 

B. Configure Cisco ISE as a RADIUS accounting server and enter a shared secret. 

C. Configure all attached LWAPs to use the configured Cisco ISE node. 

D. Configure RADIUS attributes for each SSID. 

E. Configure each WLAN to use the configured Cisco ISE node. 

F. Configure the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller to join a Microsoft Active Directory domain. 

Answer: AE 

Q3. What is the default period for Cisco ISE to automatically purge expired guest accounts? 

A. immediately after expiration 

B. 1 day 

C. 7 days 

D. 15 days 

E. 30 days 

Answer: D 

Q4. Which of these is NOT an Inline Posture node operating mode? 

A. router mode 

B. bridged mode 

C. transparent mode 

D. maintenance mode 

Answer: C 

Q5. Which element is not included in the redirect URL? 

A. hostname 

B. port 


D. session ID 

E. action 

Answer: C

Regenerate ss 254-500:

Q6. Which URL should you enter into the SCEP Certificate Authority profile to enable Native Supplicant Provisioning? 

A. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/mscep/mscep.dll 

B. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/mscep/scep.dll 

C. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/certsrv/scep/scep.dll 

D. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/certsrv/mscep/mscep.dll 

Answer: D 

Q7. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which two statements about the exhibit are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The default behavior is shown in the exhibit. 

B. The default behavior should be Continue/Continue/Continue. 

C. If Continue/Continue/Continue is configured, the endpoint is allowed on the network. 

D. The default Identity Source is shown in the exhibit. 

Answer: AD 

Q8. Which network information device sensor is sending in the RADIUS accounting packet? 





Answer: A 

Q9. What is the recommended time zone for Cisco ISE installations? 

A. customer local time zone 

B. customer headquarters time zone 

C. Pacific time 

D. Coordinated Universal Time 

Answer: D 

Q10. The default Cisco ISE node configuration has which role or roles enabled by default? 

A. Administration only 

B. Inline Posture only 

C. Administration and Policy Service 

D. Policy Service, Monitoring, and Administration 

Answer: D